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    Here’s something a small group of us have been working hard on, and we’re pretty damn excited about.

    We’re heading up to the Baker Splitfest this weekend with our new boards in varying sizes, plus some prototypes. If you see us and want to demo a deck, stop by and say hello. Hearing rider feedback and ideas is critical for us, and your involvement would be appreciated.

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    Cool looking boards. If I may offer one piece of advice- add some space between the bottom of the text and the bottom of the page on your website?

    I’m curious to hear more about the “killer bite” tech you guys have. Why just in the middle, on one hand, it makes sense, but on the other, I sort of want a full wrap metal edge for when I tag rocks and such.

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    Very cool, really like the designs… looking forward to seeing them out this weekend!

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    Nice looking start – agree with the spacing at the bottom of the website. Also consider posting the relevant specs for each model and size and perhaps even the relevant weights as your killerbites are purported to reduce your overall weight of the setup.

    Good luck with the new venture! :thatrocks:

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    Some cool ideas. :thumbsup:

    Maybe change the name of that one board, the unicorn chaser 😉 Makes me think of hippies. Maybe call it the Hippy Club, and have some cool graphic of a hippy getting a taste of the baton.

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    Chimera – nice

    Nothing wight Nothing is the lightes way – old engernie religion….


    “Killer Bites ” is only a short edge inside ?
    I think it is not your idee and not new 😉

    This board is showing first time in the interneet 2008 – 2009 a prototype for the europin CTM.


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    snow|boards ???? anyone else seeing that line? is there a reason for that? am i missing something?

    well anyway – wish i could try one of these out but not going to the PNW splitfest. any chance you can send us a demo for the cali splitfest?

    otherwise it looks great guys. good going pushing the envelope….always like to see innovation. keep up the good work.

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    ^^^ Didn’t notice that fullers but that’s cool, I get it.

    You guys have some well thought out ideas that clearly show you have some experience in the game. Everything sounds good would also like to demo one to see if it’s as good as it’s sounds.

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    Sweet – looks like you are bringing some well thought out split-specific innovations driven by experience. I especially like the no-stick topsheet. Good luck.

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    Chimera had a prototype at the Rogers Pass splitfest back in january. From what I see on the website I’m guessing it was the Orb. There were definitely some interesting ideas tried out with the board. Unfortunately it was much too short for an ape like me to ride. I’d be interested to check out a production model as I felt there were a few issues with the prototype. The touring bracket was mounting way too far back on the board to start with. While standing in the skin track critiquing the board with some friends we all disagreed on what would make the perfect board though. So what make one guy happy may not appeal to the next. It is super cool to see a new company entering the split game. I’m looking forward to hearing from other people who actually get to ride the boards.

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    Awesome to see another grassroot, rider-driven company! Designs and concepts look sick! Good luck guys!!! :thatrocks:

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    Must of missed you guys at the splitfest but I really want to see the Unicorn Chaser up close one day. Cool shape!

    That was Pontus

    wasatch surf
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    the unicorn chaser levitates too….
    that is, if you can find the unicorn.

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    Looking good. Maybe you’ve changed it already, but the spacing on the site looks good to me on Firefox 4.0.

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    @fullers2oh wrote:

    snow|boards ???? anyone else seeing that line? is there a reason for that? am i missing something?

    “Split Snowboards” or “Snow Splitboards” or “Snowboards Split” I’m guessing.

    Cool site guys. It looks ok to me on Chrome. Its cool to see more innovation from the Wasatch. I’d be interested to see some specs such as sidecut radius, running length, etc.

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    @KGN wrote:

    Maybe change the name of that one board, the unicorn chaser 😉 Makes me think of hippies.

    Don’t think stale patchouli, the Unicorn Chaser is strictly legit:

    Well that’s not my tattoo, but seriously, I’ve got like 40+ days riding a prototype Unicorn Chaser this season, had soooo much fun on it. Although designed to specifically shine in the powder, it’s proven to be a great performing board for all-around, variable conditions here in Utah. (Disclosure: I’ll try to keep my enthusiasm in check here, as I am tangentially involved with the Chimera effort.)

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    Well, I guess I lied in my last post about withholding my enthusiasm. Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride, compare, and contrast two new prototype splits from the Chimera stable. They represent two distinctly different approaches to the task of riding powder. I found the two boards to behave so differently, yet effectively in their own way, that I thought I’d share. Here’s a photo:

    On the left is a 161cm Unicorn Chaser. It has traditional camber, with a mild early-rise rocker nose, aggressive taper from front to back (about 30 mm), inserts that are set back a couple inches from center (so your stance is shifted back to the tail), and a semi-swallow tail.

    The purple bottom board on the right is more experimental, hot off the press: a true twin, flat underfoot (no camber), aggressive early-rise rocker front and back, blunted-off nose and tail, and centered stance from front to back. The effective edge is REALLY short, with hardly any sidecut. It’s about 160cm long. The working title for this beast is “The Chubby Chaser.” It looks like a cigar.

    It was very instructive to ride one board, then switch out halfway down, and ride the other one. We had about a foot deep of settled powder yesterday, prime conditions for testing out the pow-worthiness of the two boards. Since I’ve been riding a 154 Unicorn Chaser a bunch, the 161 Unichaser was expectedly familiar feeling, faster and perhaps a bit less poppy. It’s fairly stiff between the binders and through the tail, with the nose feeling soft. It rode pretty straightforward, for someone like me used to traditional camber, traditional sidecut, tapered boards (like the Prior Khyber, which I’ve ridden and like a lot). If you don’t care about going backwards much, and want to carve your turns in the deep fluff, this board does the trick, well.

    Now, strapping into the purple Chubby Chaser and pointing it down the hill was a whole nother ballgame. I felt like a newborn calf trying to find its legs. I have not ridden severely rockered or reverse cambered boards before, and I really had to think about how to ride this guy. Long, smooth carving turns, which feel instinctive on a board like the Uni Chaser, were illusive to me. There’s hardly any sidecut to carve on. I found myself skidding/pivoting my turns much more. The thing still floated great though, no nosedive, it’s really wide between your feet, and it landed off some small drops just fine. On the Unichaser, it feels like the nose is up and the tail is down, and the float happens because of that. On the Chubby Chaser, it felt like the float was happening right between your feet, and the tail feels up out of the snow more, not down in it. I didn’t feel comfortable trying to link some turns switch in the terrain we were in (kinda steep with trees and rocks), but I really would like to ride this deck switch on some more obstacle-free terrain. One thing I miss about riding an aggro-tapered, set-back-stance board, is that I typically don’t consider 180s or going switch in deep snow; a board like the Chubby Chaser would really be fun for that.

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    Just joking about the board name…That tattoo is terrible yikes…

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    Bullshit, that tattoo is full of win.

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    @ehcarley wrote:

    Bullshit, that tattoo is full of win.

    Oops, must be a photo of your arm 😉

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