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    Jake the Brit
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    The Dum Dum is a wide, large radius sidecut board with a flat base & no camber. Approx 16M radius.

    I bought the 160 cm prototype I tested from Chimera last summer. I got hold of it after having the willies scared out of me on a solid sheet of ice on Mt Rainier, after that episode I wanted more edge hold for spring conditions.

    I have now ridden this deck through the whole winter. I’m 190lbs and have done quite a few overnights (so 20+lb pack) and the 160 coped pretty well with the deep snow.
    However I bought it as a spring board & I really like it for sketchy pitches on firm snow, this board is responsible for me riding steeper (40-45 degree) pitches with confidence. I’m not usually into no-fall, steep stuff, but this deck has increased my risk tolerance since my control really seems to have increased. I do attribute this to having the whole edge engage the snow due to the large radius, I might also be developing technique & growing a pair, but the board is contributing.

    The deck naturally ends up as a ‘wide’ since the radius is larger. The wide waist accommodates the longer sole of the size 11 Scarpa mountain boots I ride in spring/ summer, seemingly with no boot-out issues.

    The flat base turns well, and initiates more readily than a cambered board. I did have an issue with my heel-side edge washing out at high speeds & generating a peculiar hydraulic ‘pumping’ on corn/ slush, but this was solved by actively driving the heelside turn around harder to completion. It’s a new technique for me and really relies on the back leg driving the end of the turn, basically not languishing on the heelside. Complete the turn to toe-side, and keep weaving. Anyway, that’s sorted and I love it.

    Durability is reasonable. I’m horrible to my boards, I will ride over rocks & dirt & forest all that stuff. It’s held up for 1 ½ seasons and is still without core shots or significant edge damage.

    The inside edge is only partial, it’s about 18” long next to the foot. This is OK.
    It comes with K-clips. I would rather have Voile chinese hooks, but that’s a personal thing.
    Weight is about 7.5lbs which is excellent

    Conclusion: For winter I need to rock the longer board to really enjoy the powder, even with the wide waist I was just a bit too heavy for this length. However, when I found the nasty windboard & ice I was sooo happy I to be on this deck. So the board design will work well in winter, I’m told it’s an excellent pow board, I just bought it short, for fun in the spring.

    For spring/ summer, this board rocks, it’s short & fat, which is great since there’s no powder to float on anyway. Edge hold got me down a few notably steep pitches this spring, which was my goal for this year. So success, I would recommend this board.

    …and the Chimera guys are really good, and USA based, and those things count too..

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    The chimera website isn’t working for me, do you know if they are they selling the dum dum normally yet or is it still in beta? I’m interested in the longer sidecut radius for steeps also. I don’t normally get after 45 plus when it’s firm, but after my stupidity Sunday maybe I should start since I seem to have forgotten how to manage slough :nononno:

    Jake the Brit
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    Last summer (2013) Chimera had a few production DumDums that had normal Chimera price tags. I know this because Alistair offered me a new one, but I managed to persuade him to let me take the old prototype off their hands.
    So I suspect they will either have some or be able to produce one. I remember that they said earlier this year that there was some interest in the DumDum

    I suggest you just email

    Rock on. Jake

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