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    Enter the Araucaria Region.

    The spirited Araucaria tree (also known as the Monkey Puzzle tree)

    Heavy snows have engaged the Andes and Steepy and I are off to explore the forests in search of Monkey Puzzle powder.

    We have stumbled upon an epic land. Tree riding of the most surreal and unique of proportions appears apparent. The terrain seems endless, a beautifully pitched forest goes on and on and it is filled with fresh, dry powder. This is a splitboarder’s paradise, no doubt. I wonder how many people, if any, have ever skied these forests before?

    We spend a short time admiring this place on the crest of a ridgeline and then we send the Araucaria. I failed to obtain photos sufficient to describe the experience of riding this otherworldly forest, but the following should give you an idea.

    (The forest seems to contain a mix of Araucaria, Cypress, Beech, and Bamboo. Note Bamboo shrubs in the upper right corner here.)

    Another day, another place; it went blue

    ….and the Hesh sesh was on…

    Chilean spine glory; Savage looker’s left; Steepy looker’s right.

    A day of skinning in the Cypress trees

    Steepy scopes the above treeline views

    We discover this beautiful looking couloir…

    But it is out of our reach so we drop into powder filled Cypress trees instead.

    The day ends with another surreal Andean sunset, this time amidst a forest clearing above a mountain stream.

    Ski Touring was exploratory and fun.

    On one final lap we rode this endless gully which seemed like it went on for a couple of miles.

    It was really scenic and really fun. It was, however, a dangerous terrain trap; large slabs of steep snow towered above its tight little basin. I was making big surf turns on the massive ramps when POP=Slab. I felt the weight of hard slab pulling me down into the gully bottom with force. I pushed as hard as I could to eject myself. BAM-I popped out and went shooting out of the slide and down the gully to a safe zone where Steepy was waiting for me. She almost had me; close call; not a place you wanna get mashed.
    Here’s the photo; you can see my track coming in and then disappearing as I triggered the slab. Note the deep terrain trap to where the slide path leads. Imagine if it broke from above, the result could have been much less positive.

    The game is real kids; worldwide; keep it heads up.

    It was intense way to end an epic session; surviving to admire more views and another grand Southern sunset.

    More from the S-Hemi coming your way soon.


    Just freakin phenomenal ….again….as always….Many Thanks!! :bow:


    AWESOME. :thatrocks: I hope I can make to that part of the world some day


    and as far as your gully incident and backcountry travels in general I offer you these wise words of advice:

    “Don’t get dead!”

    this is just fucking rad:


    Looks SOOOO fun, some amazing pics, thanks for the post!


    WOW!!! I love the looks of monkey tree powder!


    fuck yeah! nice job.


    Wow! Super unique forest scenery. It’s always exciting to check the tr’s and see that snow savage has something new posted. Good stuff as always.


    great photos… that is indeed some of the coolest tree riding i’ve ever seen.

    surface hore

    looks like SOMEBODY here loves trees…. creedler
    nice pics!


    I hope you’re writing a book. Stay safe.

    Kyle Miller

    You kill it time after time.
    Thanks for sharing.


    What everybody else said! :headbang: :rock: :headbang: :rock: :headbang: :rock: :headbang: :rock: :headbang: :rock: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.


    Thanks for checking it out everyone. Hopefully some people are motivated for a 2011 mission now?

    Also, my apolgies for not commenting on everyone else’s TRs; I only have net access at work and they have most of the photo websites firewalled so I can hardly ever see anyone’s pics! One day I am going to need to go to the library and spend some time…

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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