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    ahhh, Good Times. Nothin’ like a little wine and chesse for a bc outing. 8)

    Fassy, I know you’re lurking. This is a call out to you and all the other posters from last season that are lurking. 😀 😀 😈

    I could keep naming names, but I won’t. I’ll let others do some calling out.

    Have a good weekend everybody. 😛

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    holly crap… I can’t hide anymore… the wine and cheez was a good bait.
    yeah, I survived the summer and m slowing coming out of hibernation and m getting ready for another round of many wine and cheese sessions. even waxed ze split (at first. i was so out of it) and repaired the fluo boots… also thinking about split a board for the kids

    I am ready for some more…

    where are the others? Matt, are you still exploring ze lundy 😉

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    I knew you were out there.

    repaired the fluo boots

    YESSSS. 😆

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    Fassy is in da house!!! 8)

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    @fassnor wrote:

    where are the others? Matt, are you still exploring ze lundy 😉

    Ouai, ouai, FaceNord. Tranquil.

    The kids and I hiked Lundy this past summer. Gotta hit some of those many lines this season.

    Whenya comin’ up?

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    I’m giving you complete respect for riding that board thats some old school Yeah Boy

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    Ce poseur la, he didn’t ride the board, he just put his feet in it for the photo. That’s Ecobrad’s board.

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    Oh please there has to be some footage of jibbing on that thing?

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    No jibbing photos but there’s a few out there riding the Sierra bc. Thanks to bcr I’ve been riding a Burton Custom split this season!. Just a little improvement in board design/performance over the last 15 or so years. 😉

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    Fassy, you better defend yourself over on ttips. 😀

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    More fassy humor. I think this explains a lot:

    Matt, if you’re ever at TPR, they have a book just for you:

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    bump for humor and call out

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    Bump for Ecobrad having the raddest board on


    Puff Nattie
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    cheese, wine or how about champagne on the top of tallac! …with the one and only
    FASSNORRRRRR!!!!! and a nice clean cut w/the split taboot

    PJ and I headed up tallac on a beautiful new years eve bluebird day. Little did we know Fassnor and his son were just ahead taking a little rest. A great way to make a perfect day just that much better. After reaching the summit, he busted out the big bottle of champagne, sheered off the top w/his split and we celebrated w/bubbly and pow. Happy New Year Fassy Claus! Great riding w/you!

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    That’s RAD!!! Reminds me of my first Fassnor BC champagne toast on the disco BeeGee trip! Good times! :disco:

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    memorable times indeed! cool pics puffnattie 🙂
    I should be lurking on more often 😉 or even better get out there and run into you guys again 🙂

    last minute day trip to tallac on the 31st and we run into you guys ! epic :bananas:

    tell me where you go next. I’ll bring bottles anytime!


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