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    Saving skiers…replacing ripped off bindings..damn peeps, what’s next?…maybe some world peace?

    In all seriousness, CB you are the man, so stoked for all involved.

    And by the way BCrider stated, “that db DG”… That’s funny shit right there.

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    If in OZ beers are on me!
    Good to see our community turning a cheek for our afflicted (skiiers) friends!

    Happy new years all!

    Adam West

    Matt Wood
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    Eric you not only earned an all access tour of our BC zones but a comp or two for the mountain, use of our guest bedroom, hotub and some home cooked meals! :doobie:

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    Nice work CT! Make sure you contact CAIC with your story if you haven’t already.

    Lots of tales of luck coming out of avalanche incidents lately. Hope people’s luck doesn’t start running out. Be smart out there people.

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    After thinking about this a bit more, I’m curious.

    If he hadn’t been in front of you, would that have been you buried by yourself?

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    Well done CT! That skier was solo lucky you were around and prepared.

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    Awesome to hear some good news, good work!

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    We indeed chose different lines and my two lines held just fine. He entered the pass from one of the Loveland BC gates. The spot I rode actually held a TUBER who pretty much center punched the whole slope into a rock garden down below. 😯 😯 This happened like 10-15 minutes after we rode down to the road.
    I hope she is ok, they ended up using flight for life and took her to the hospital.

    easy access spots like this can create some interesting scenarios :nononno:

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    Strong work cometogether. :doobie:

    Here’s to bringing positive vibes into the New Year! :guinness:

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    Yea Eric! Nice work buddy! You make us all so proud and humbled at the same time. :bow:

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    Nice work cometogether!

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    GREAT JOB !!! Its one thing to be in the right place, but to find the victim who wasnt wearing a beacon , then dig them out solo is a bit beyond reality my friend. Whats in all avalanche courses are written as best case. I dont think even an instructor can follow the book better than you did. Not only did you save one life, you also touched many as a death over the Holiday season would have changed many peoples lives forever.

    You are the Man Sir!

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    Ok, I gotta ask….

    Where you high?

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    You Da Man!

    Would be glad to get you beers if in Seattle area at some point


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    Great work ComeTogether!!!!! Nice to read an uplifting avy story.

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    :bow: we are not worthy!

    Did you negotiate some kind of “seinfeld” butler arrangement? Or are they go to break trail for you in bottomless powder every time you go touring? 😳

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    Best thing I have read about all week. If ever in VT you have beer and place to stay! Way to go CT!

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    Just to be clear– Here in Colorado we have the option to smoke MJ instead of drink beer and that is my preferred choice. don’t hate.

    :doobie: :mrgreen:

    thanks for the stoke everyone! I know yall would have done the same!

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    Oh, I wasn’t hatin. I was smokin when I typed that.


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    What a great, fortunate turn of events! Great job, you’re a true HERO! :headbang: :bow: :thatrocks:

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