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    Can we get a thread title change?

    Should read cheering for cometogether.

    Solid save man.

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    Awesome work CT. :bow:

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    @ale_capone wrote:

    Can we get a thread title change?

    Should read cheering for cometogether.

    Solid save man.

    Done! :clap: :bananas: :clap: :bananas: :headbang: :bow: :headbang: :bow: :guinness:

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    Nice work CT. You are a stud. Plain and simple.

    If I ever meet up with you, beer is on me.

    Well done.

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    Killer Story, this guys was extremely lucky, way to be on top of it!!!!!

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    @Splitinbend wrote:

    Did anybody see this? If I could only see the look on the fuckers face after reading this.

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    Well done Cometogether. :guinness:
    @cometogether wrote:

    This has made me […] look at some of my equipment in case this scenario where to happen again, I would be even more ready.

    Like what?

    I had a flimsy BCA 240 Profile probe until Avy1, when we had to find dummies buried in a 6′ terrain trap. The probe was flopping all over the place, couldn’t reach the bottom, and would’t break throughout the weakest of crusts. By the end, all the depth indicators (cm ruler) had been scraped off.
    That was in fluffy wind transported snow. Your skier would have been screwed if I had to probe through hard avi debris to find him.

    I saw all the patrollers teaching the class had BD Quickdraw Guide 300 and that night got me one of them. Heavier but longer, stiffer, pointier, and the numbers don’t scrape off.

    @HikeforTurns wrote:

    As far as riding solo, I do it quite a bit. It’s just usually a lot mellower as you have to be 100% right, 100% of the time.


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    Awesome work CT, way to represent! You should never have to pay for beer again 🙂

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    Nice job CT! That is one lucky guy.

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    Well Done!

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    Thanks guys! stoked it ended so well.

    It’s a heavy scenario to realize your the only hope, the slide was basically on the other side of the valley and it would have taken even a bad ass at least 20 minutes to get there.

    He had a cut lip and that was basically it, he ended up stopped in basically a seated position with his left arm stretched toward the air. Luckily that pole was sticking out. He took a moment to gather himself and we skied down together to the road.

    I will make a more detailed write up and use some of the pictures CAIC did not.

    The one piece of gear that totally failed the test where my gloves. I am looking into a pair that can do everything, so no more gloves off.

    I was at BP and LP after this and it truly blows my mind to see how many people are riding NON patrolled terrain so freely without ANY gear to protect themselves.

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    That skier would be dead but for you, CT. Strong work, amigo.


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    Eric, you’re my hero.


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    Stellar work CT, way to represent the splitboard community in such a positive way :headbang:

    @wjb wrote:

    You should never have to pay for beer again 🙂

    no doubt! :guinness:

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    Absolutely INCREDIBLE! :thumpsup:
    Top work….the world needs more people like you!

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    That is an awesome story—-and your response and actions were impressive. You have made us all proud!! Nicely done!!!!!!

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    Way to go!!! :thumpsup:

    Talk about being lucky you were around, knew what to do, and kept it together :guinness:

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    Wow, nice work CTG! You saved that dude’s life. Much respect! :headbang:

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    Nice work, way to represent!

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    Damn, got a certified hero on our hands. Much respect CT. If I ever run into you at berthoud or loveland I’ll definitely have a cold beer in the cooler for ya; and probably something green as well.

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