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    Tried to post this up yesterday but I think I had too many pictures so I am going to try and put it into two posts and hope it works. Anyways it’s all time out here in the Wasatch so I thought I would chime in with another Kobernik style breakdown of the 2014/2015 season so far.

    11/16-First real snow of the year was just enough for upper elevation Nfacing meadows. Snurfer, Mar123 and myself were more stoked on Alta groomers.

    11/22-About 17inches of new was enough to cover the the early October/November snow and we now had what seems to be the norm, a persistent weak layer at the bottom of our pack.

    11/26-We got a pretty good size storm with winds and N through Efacing had gone through a large natural cycle. Nfacing sliding at the ground.

    Dug a pit on the Efacing aspect I hoped to ride could see parts of the slope had slid naturally….good and bad. Took a test run down to get a look at the slope from below. Anyways…..considerable danger for this aspect on this day. Here’s my Analysis of a Slope

    11/28-Went back a couple days later and put another 5 laps down this slope. Never got old and I never really tested that lookers left hangfire that was so enticing.

    12/6-A week of high pressure and most everything had been ridden. Went to a zone way up North that always delivers on the solitude and fresh lines. Avy talk was wet vs. dry facets at the bottom of the pack and thin vs. fat snowpack areas. Wet facets=healing mostly on Efacing in areas with a deeper snowpack. While shallow areas were rotting out and would be the new weak layer once were back in the flow. These areas are spacialy variable which is why the current snowpack is a bit tricky. Followed the sun and had fun painting some blank canvasas.

    12/13-Another week of high pressure and most the BC was an unsupportable sand box. Back to the closed resort for laps on the closed runs with a lap down Claytons in between.


    It might take three posts, ha ha. Just doesn’t seem to want to download my pics.
    12/21-We were finally in the flow and the first part of a big storm came in overnight. Dug a pit on a similar aspect down ridge a bit more protected from the winds. Pit results showed a moderate shear at the new/old interface but the new snow was not cohesive. Up ridge things were more exposed to the winds setting up a wind slab. Remotely triggered a pocket from 40ft off the ridge. Facets above the crust or density inversion pretty big difference when you think of it.

    12/23-Was the first sunny day after the big event. Considerable avy danger had me choosing S/SW facing. I also noticed compared to Nfacing, S/SW facing had got a slight cross load as the winds made their way to the Efaces. The zone had been shaped into a perfect surfy wonderland. Slashers and poppers were the order of the day.

    Board Review:Been chasing Unicorns for the last year. Such a fun shape, recommended to all those skateboarders out there. 157 and it’s my pow board, super poppy too.

    11/24- Chose to ride a manageable Efacing zone I’m very familiar with. Fun day, lost a glove.

    12/26-It was a white Christmas, 2+ feet of the white smoke, the Utah coke, the type of stuff you need a snorkel for or you might just choke and no winds. Barreling overhead, we chose Sfacing cause you gotta to go steep when it’s this deep. This was the storm that brought my main partner thee artiiiiiist and personal trail breaker Mar123 out of the woodwork and off his bike. It was on.
    Photos: Mar123


    Looks like it might take 4 posts…crazy (Might be something to do with youtube)
    12/27-We left a little in the tank knowing the next day was bluebird, no overnight winds and Efacing had been tested. We noticed an aesthetic chute had sluffed big and the ridge/skin looked manageable. A line was added to the agenda for the day.

    2nd Line

    Photos: Mar123

    Yesterday-Dave hit me up at lunch from work looking to get a quick lap. I had wussed out from an earlier tour due to negative ridge top temps. Passing Whitepine at noon we noticed some guys put a booter up a sick coulior and skied out a seperate line. Quickly flipped around and a 3,300 vertical cooly quickly became the agenda for the day. So fun, thanks for calling me Mar.
    Pictures: Mar123

    Couldn’t get my little edit posted up on here but I put it on the video page. Super stoked on that thing 5 or so years old and it’s still tickin. Fun to capture those moments for a lifetime. As always it’s fun to reflect and feed off the stoke, long I know. Hope everyone has a great New Year, take care.


    Thanks for the sharing. Looking nice out there.


    Rad. Good job.


    Stellar TR. Keep up the good work!

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...


    Nice, please keep updating this. The way things are looking in Tahoe right now, I could end up in your hood in a few weeks. Is camping a viable option around there? Anyone from CA/NV wanna split gas?
    Also, question about that cooler, keeping in mind I know nothing at all about the situation. If someone boots up and descends something else, are you thinking you got an easy stairway to heaven or did it cross your mind he climbed it and bailed due to safety concerns?

    wasatch surf

    Fuster- in that particular line booting the 3k roadside chute puts you on top of a great north facing zone that requires a 5-6 mile skin from the otherside. good point, but in this case I would guess that booter was put in to reach the opposite facing zone much quicker.


    ^^^^^Yeah more highway to heaven. Alot of steep Sfacing had been tested and UDOT hits those coolies with the guns so we felt good about stability. At the bottom we could tell it had slid but there was still a good foot on top of a spongy base so we knew it would ride well. Knowing it had slid just confirmed our decision to hit it. The guys who put the boot in used verts and were still trenching most the way up especially up at the top. It was a nice surprise to see they had skied a separate line cause it was pretty easy work on our part, easy booting and the line is one of the more aesthetic lines to hit. Really cold temps and a light breeze allowed us to start up around 12 with no real concerns. We kinda just scored by being at the right place at the right time.

    A few weeks would be good. We always seem to go through a January high pressure dry time then tend to get in the flow more consistently around Feb. That’s how it’s been the last couple years at least. Take care.


    Rad, Nic! I really enjoy reading your posts, awesome boarding in an awesome place! I appreciate the time you take to discuss the snowpack and terrain; it provides an educational opportunity to users on the forum, and is appreciated. Your experience in the Wasatch, and intimate knowledge of the terrain allow you to stay safe and have fun year after year. Congratulations!

    It was an honor to get to ride with your a couple years back, and look forward to linking up again sometime in the future. Cheers Player!

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