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    Checkin in from the Wasatch with another Kobernik style, weekend warrior, granola eating TR. It’s been a typical year so far in the Wasatch with deep slab instabilities, January corn cycles and epic March days. I’ve managed to keep good company, stay safe and shred good snow since I last checked in, in December.

    Low snow and lot’s of high pressure in December turned the Wasatch into a sandbox. Good for getting on steeper lines but not so good for when we get back in the flow.

    In January we almost always get a corn like cycle where you can follow the sun and find good turns, especially on the Eastern facing aspects.

    Photos from mar123

    More January Corn with Buckchow

    We finally seem to get back in the flow around Febuary. Multiple wet high density storms were enough to break the camels back and we went through a pretty large deep slab cycle. Tree Runs with the bros!

    A week of warm days and colder nights was enough to bring the probability of triggering something large down but careful consideration of your line was still really important.

    By the end of February the snow was behaving more like it was spring. The sky seemed the limit and mar123 and I were looking to get on some steeper slopes. A slight density inversion and overnight winds changed our plans but we were still able to have fun with careful terrain management. Poppers and cliffs were the order of the day.

    Photos by mar123

    In typical spring fashion the snow set up fast. You wouldn’t have known it by the 60+ bombs coming from Alta/Snowbird but the snow set up and overnight we were able to get on steeper slopes with more connected aprons. Granted we took our time getting to know the snow before dropping the more commiting lines.

    Photos by mar123

    By March steeper slopes had been tested and the sky seemed the limit. mar123 checking the camera to make sure we were dropping in at the right spot.

    Photos by mar123

    With conditions all time we decided to go back to back big days. We got an early start with projected warmer temps and an E. facing line. Photos by mar123

    The views were not bad, the exit on the other hand.

    March has not dissapointed, in a matter of two days not to mention mid week the Wasatch was tracked top to bottom. Bucky, mar123 and I decided on a unique zone in the Wasatch hoping the low elevation, long approach kept some of the masses away.

    We were surprised to see another party in the zone and while we transitioned a party of three splitters came down and I quickly noticed it was Barrows and keffler along with WasatchDon who I knew were in town for the week. The Wasatch is a crazy place like that, it makes you realize it really is a small world. The day quickly became all about the camaradarie of brothers and the shared love of mountains and splitboarding.

    Take care everyone.

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    Nice recap and vid. Lotsa fun drops in there. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great summary, Nic. Looks like you have gotten after it lately. :drool:

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    Great collection of photos!

    wasatch surf
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    rad bud! had a great time touring the other day

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    Hey Nic, great getting out with you again. Upon return to CO the transmission in my Subaru blew up 3 miles from my house at 12:30 AM… uh ohh!
    Thanks for the pics and stoke.

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    yeah Mr. V, always a pleasure shreddin!!

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    Yeah Shred Dog video! Your daughter is awesome dancer too

    Rico in AZ
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    That looks a pretty damn fine season. :headbang:

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    Looks like a blast! Great terrain… man I miss the mountains!

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    Top notch UT stoke!

    Thanks for sharing! :thatrocks:

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    Hope you don’t mind me adding on to the TR. Was great seeing old and new faces. Certainly the best part of the binding business thing.

    Seems like we showed up at a good time. Lots of soft turns for days…

    Meet up with some new friends from the Alps.

    The Swiss Mix

    Day one was a blue bird powder day. Yep, it’s busy here.

    Eight hours later in the Wasatch?!?

    Despite getting a late start on a powder day, we still got great first tracks…

    Barrows Exiting a fun line left behind

    Miss seeing the Chimera shop last year, but they moved over the summer and I couldn’t wait to see the new place.

    Tour of the new Chimera Shop

    So Rad. Picture represents years of hard work and dedication by Alister. All this and still can only be done while working a full time job? Tough business.

    Nice Rack!

    Always fun to run into friends in the backcountry. Great to see you guys.

    Bucky Hop!

    Off the wall Barrows?

    Where’s Al?

    And a day with Utah shredding like usual!

    Thanks guys for a great time and see you next year if not sooner!

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