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    well it was another great year at hellroaring ski adventures. we headed in on friday and came out monday. Had storm days on fri and sat then woke up to around 6 inches of goodness and bluebird for sunday. Here’s a few pics of mine and I’m sure BH has much more to contribute. On a side note this trip was my first real test since switching over to the darkside………yes we had a total of 0 softboots with our two splitboarders. Three AT’ers rounded out the group.

    this was the visibilty

    which led to some of this

    then a bunch of this

    sunday was more like this, Mt Jefferson(our goal) is the obvious rock in the background

    some views

    we skied from the top of jeffreson down to the lake, you can see the tracks if you look hard

    more tracks

    and of course camp chores

    I know BH has a bunch of pics, but started a new job recently so it might take him a little bit to get them together.

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    Good stuff! Looks like the weather gods were reasonably nice to you.

    I’m about to try ze hardboots soon if I can find bindings. How’d you like them? Were you guided?

    I liked the pics of your tracks.
    More please!

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    The hardboots are…I can’t believe I’m saying this…..pretty frickin sweet. I used my normal stance and the first time out(not this trip) was a little wierd but felt ok. I must say I am probably using the softest hardboot combo though, with Dynafit 4’s and the voile mtn plate(thanks DJ!). I hardly buckle them and ski in walk mode also.

    on the weather: first two days were very windy and blowin snow and then it turned into fresh and bluebird, monday was kinda crappy but we were heading out anyways. Tim, the owner, came in with us the first day and took a couple laps with us then headed out. This is my third year heading in there and he has only come in with us the first day every time, so not guided.

    I liked the pics of your tracks.
    More please!

    paging BH

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    OK OK I will get off my ass on Thr night and get more pics up 8)

    The trip…… sweet time 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    More pics soo 😀 n

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    Good stuff, nice mountain, and looks like soooo much fun?

    When is BH going to post his photos? Gosh 😉 😉 😉

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    Man why did I ever move away, I am going to go kill myself now. So Jealous. Question, was kevin trying to convince himself that he was where he wanted to be, and not where he was in that pic. JZ

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