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    Forecast was calling a high pressure to come in for the next couple of days. We dropped what we were doing, packed up and headed out the night before.

    The Road to good times

    The next morning we were stoked to see stars and then sun.

    The wind was howling!!

    The snow was deep. Luckily this south aspect had some set up snow on it that had good traction.

    Things were looking really good.The sun was out with no clouds in site and It has snowed over a meter of new snow since our last visit.

    The last climb up to the first run.

    At the top of this hill we see an A Star Helicopter parked. Jake the pilot popped out of the cockpit with a surprised look on his face. He was flying the MSP crew around and they were scoping the same run we were. Jake handed me a radio to talk with the crew. It ended up being Cinematographer Murray Wais,Photographer Adam Clark and skiers Eric Hjorleifson,Ingred Backstrom and James Heim. Eric was on the radio and asked what we were thinking of doing. I told him we were going to hike up the ridge and shred the face. Eric said they had the same plan in mind. We quickly agreed to a Rock,Paper,Scissors match. Our best against theirs. Just kidding. The were cool enough to let us have it. We gave them our radio channel so we could stay in touch during the day. Great to have access to a Heli for safety.

    Hiking up the ridge

    Joe at the top scoping his line.

    Joe two turns in.

    Super fun run!!

    Great warm up.

    Getting into my line i hit a rock.

    Another quick lap.

    Joe decided on a third. A nice shoulder to an air.

    Joe shredded the face after me. The line he had planned on doing was lookers left and had slid when he got to the top.

    The slide stepped down over a meter at the bottom.

    Dynamite anyone?

    The cornice’s were huge along this face.

    Delaney waited at the bottom and Joe and I went around the backside to try and find the entrance. It took us a while but we eventually found it. At one point i had my probe out with my probe bag on the end waiving and Joe was throwing snow in the air. There was a hidden ridge that Delaney could not see farther down that we were behind. One thing that i or probably most everybody hates is trying to find the way into a line from the ridge behind. No matter what the guy is telling you at the bottom it just never feels right.

    This feels right. Joe shooting me from the top.



    Joe and I went up for another. Joe traversed over sketch gnarl wind blown snow to get to a sunlit slash.

    The crew decides to call it quits and head back. It happened to be my Birthday so i was looking forward to a few road pops,whisky and good eats to end the all time day.

    Tomorrows objective.

    On the last hill out Joe and I are waiting for Delaney to get over the ridge. We see him stop 3/4 from the top. He turns his snowmobile around and radios to us that he ran out of gas. Luckily i had my syphon. Problem was that we were all running
    low and i didn’t want to take to much out.

    $20 bucks a liter

    Delaney puts the gas in and makes it to the top. He runs out again halfway down the next downhill and we syphon out some more. Liter by liter we get him down. Just before the always scary stoked when you are across river crossing his snowmobile began to act up. We think it must have picked up something at the bottom of the tank. It was backfiring and hardly running. Joe steps up and crosses the river back to camp to grab Delaneys 20 liter jerry. We put the 20 liters in and Delaney start his own snowcross course trying to get any bad gas out of his fuel system. Round and around he goes and just before it was pitch black Joe sublimely convinces him to go for it. He makes it across and hi Fives are exchanged. Next issue is Delaney has to leave tonight and his wife is expecting him. Back at camp Delaney packs up and shots of Birthday whisky are exchanged. Stoked on the day but not sure about whats ahead tonight. John is supposed to come in tonight but has not shown up either.
    I end up volunteering to follow Delaney back to his truck. Joe has an extra jerry of fuel that we will need that i can bring back also. Half way back to the truck we run into john. The loggers ended up plowing the road 10 K’s past our trucks to dirt. We are going to have to load Delaneys sled onto Johns truck and drive it to Delaneys truck. Then i drive Johns truck back. Delaneys sled quit running only a kilometer from johns truck. I towed him the rest of the way. Next issue is that john has a sled deck and the two of us cant get the dead sled onto Johns deck. We leave the sled and drive the bumpy 10k’s to Delaneys truck and then both drive back. We are able to drag the sled into Delaneys truck. The stoked look on Delaneys face once his sled was loaded was priceless. Mission accomplished. I rally back to camp. By the time my head hits the pillow it’s 1am.

    The 4:30 alarm doesn’t feel real until john threatens to fart in my tent. I wake up and assemble my stuff. Not much sleep but the stars are out meaning good times ahead.


    Wave of the day.

    Looks like the MSP crew is thinking about the same thing today.

    The hike up the back.

    When we got to the top we ran into skiers Ingred Backstrom, Jaime Heime and Eric Hjorleifson.
    We decided to let them go first since they gave us first run the day before.

    Jaime skied down so fast and came screaming out the bottom. Super impressive to watch.

    Joe and i decided to try out the diagonal spine higher up on the the face.

    The ride was all time. Top to bottom with no stops.


    MSP filmer gets the Heli toe in pick up.

    We regroup and head over to get up the backside of this beauty.

    The light got super flat at the top. We ate lunch and waited it out. It slowly improved enough to make our way down.

    Day late Birthday cake never tasted so good.

    We get to Johns truck at the trail head and have to do the truck swap again.

    Joe not so stoked he has to go grab his truck and drive back.

    As we get to my truck we see a bunch of Bald eagles flying around. It smelled really bad also.

    Looked like a dead moose. Not much left.


    Wow! That is incredible terrain, and sounds like a great trip. Was that in Alaska?


    Not Alaska. Its around Whistler,BC Canada.

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