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    There was a window of sun the next day. Looked good in the morning and then cloudy for the afternoon. We decided to go for it. Trail was in and the morning would be enough time to get some alpine lines in. Packing for this trip was much easier. Everything was already out and it was only for one night. Quick and dirty get er done.

    Joe ready for round two.

    The river crossing had melted out and needed some work. Joe put on his waiters and meandered to the other side of the river to repair the damage.

    Awoke @ 4 am to stars in the sky. Joe didnt sleep very well because our resident mouses were hungry and looking for food. This bar was deep in my backpack.

    Nothing like a sunrise river crossing to get the heart going in the morning.

    Chris and his first crossing.

    Mirky sun in the alpine.

    Hopefully the sun holds enough to get a run in.

    Joe’s entrence required some jedi like skill with two ice axes to get here.

    Joe dopping in.

    The snow was super fun!

    Chris wanted a run so we hiked up again for another. Halfway up the high cloud turned to low cloud. Joe calmly called over the radio that the face we were going to shred was in a cloud. We quickly put our boards on and retreated. The wind had been blowing and our tracks back might be getting covered.

    We slowly worked our way back off the mountain. Our tracks were barely visable and luckily only the high points were in the clouds. This trip was better than last but still not ideal. We will be back again!!


    Nice report. I’ve had to shovel out a few river crossings in my lifetime. I never thought waders would start to be an essential piece of equipment for snowboarding.

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