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    The weather forecast looked promising. Mostly sunny for the next three days. We saw this as our window to get back into the Cathedral area.

    Loaded up and ready to go meet the boys.Joe and Delaney left earlier in the day to start to get the trail in.

    The next morning we had an early start.

    The great views from the A frame shelter.

    Aqua man will not let any river go uncrossed!!

    The River crossing was a bit intimidating at first.

    Sizing up the crossing.

    Joe leading the way.

    Overheating sleds on the way up.

    Once the sun came up the blue bird was singing.

    We had to dig out and pack down this up hill.

    This side hill required some shoveling.

    Work of art

    The tree bombs were huge and rock hard!!

    Finding out the hard way how hard and icy the tree bombs were.

    We finally crack the Alpine.

    Delaney Stoked!!

    Fresh slide path on the way down. Stepped down pretty deep!

    Trails broke and the milk bird roles in.

    Back at camp the Kokanee Gold never tasted so good.

    Attack base camp.

    The next day was cloudy and no sun.

    The day before Delaneys snowmobile was super loud and acting up.

    The manifold bolts raddled loose and were no where to be found. Delaney has to pull the pin and head back

    Joe and i go back up and do a couple of tree laps.

    Joe is super pumped right now.

    Base camp drying station

    The next day was cloudy in the mountains and sun and cloud in the valley.

    Down day soak!

    Leaving empty handed.

    We will be back!!

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