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    Hot off the presses…..Spark R&D introduces new binding The Fuse.

    The main innovation in this new product is the use of a “unibody” or single piece baseplate. Unlike the previous version of the binding that used two pieces of metal riveted together with a hdpe spacer, the new version is a single piece of aluminum. The end result is a more responsive and durable binding. The new baseplate also includes a new slider pin hole design that prevents the holes from boring out over time. Stay tuned for more official information and pics coming soon.

    Nice work Will, we’re forever in your debt for continuing to push the advancement of your product, Thanks! :headbang: :thatrocks: :rock: :clap:

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    Beautyful!!!!!! Some day I wish I can afford to buy a pair of these bad boys!

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    Man those look super slick!

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    Nice. I was never too thrilled with the 2 piece baseplate and that kept me from buyng a set, now I have no excuse. Great work Will.

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    Glad I waited, these are fucking rad! :thumpsup: Way to go Will! :headbang:

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    FOR SALE- one original pair of Sparks one bindings

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    Nice work will, those look beautiful!!

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    Damm those are hot, I’ll be sellin my ignition2s when those are out, Sittin here at the valet I need some big tippers to come on in so I can buy my new bindings. Thanks for the eye candy bc rider

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    :drool: :drool: :drool: SICK DESIGN WILL!!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:

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    Very slick!

    How is the weight compared to the old models?

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    Very sick indeed!

    Looks like i’ll have a pair of Spraks II for sale shortly! Luckily, there are lots of new splitters in our area that will drool over the sparks II while i get the new babies! 😆


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    Got to handle those babies, NICE. :rock:
    @alessi wrote:

    How is the weight compared to the old models?

    I think 2 oz per foot.

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    saw those listed on an order form…

    wondered what the hell they were…

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    Nice work, looks like a much better base plate there.
    What’s the price on these going to be? Limited market but I’d like to see the price come down a tad. :thumpsup: Nice work Will.

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    What, no steve jobs spoof?

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    The latest issue of Backcountry Magazine states they are two ounces lighter per set (1 ounce for each binding) and retail at $299.

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    Yep.. glad I waited.. Now I can roll up my MN super duper doobers on them thar sweet slick base plates! :thumbsup: :doobie: :clap:

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    will mr chomps work with the new bindings?

    affix snow
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    Im getting lured back to softboots!!!!

    Killer work Will!

    When we gonna see those harboot binders?

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    @deejaygee wrote:

    will mr chomps work with the new bindings?


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