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    TR hijacked from Dan on TAY (Thanks DAN, get on yo!)

    Danengel from TAY and I set out for the Castle with fairly low expectations. But the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day, so spirits were high. We found the snow to be very well consolidated with no signs of instability. So we did a lap from the Castle Saddle and the snow was surprisingly good. Soft on the top and dense below, which made for some fast riding. Headed back up and ran into Andy and Don. We all decided to skin up the south side of the Castle from the saddle and “summit” the Castle (technically not summiting, but close enough). Headed down and found some great snow on the ride back to the road. Perma-grins and hoots and hollers abounded. Overall it was a great day with amazing weather and surprisingly good snow.

    SE Facing slope off the castle


    Andy Climbing towards the Saddle

    Dan Skins it

    Good Ole Stability

    Dans pano from the top of the Castle.


    Missed you guys while I was too sore to go out. You owe me a bluebird tour day. Any snow pit data collected?

    Dan, did you get a new camera or Chris do you have one now? Beautiful shots.



    I had my old beater camera along since Dan’s it Gandhi! No snow pit data. We should have looked but it was super bomber, no signs of collapse or movement in the north facing areas at all. A few on west facing sun exposed pitches further south in the range.

    Good times


    Sorry I missed you for that tour fellas. Alpy was a junkshow! Mad crowds, but the snow was pretty good up high. Looks like you were at the right elevation.

    What time did the park gate open?

    ~ Edub


    we got in just after 9am. not to bad, but not to good. I think an overnighter may be in the future…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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