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    Thanks to John Plotz for the invitation,sahring his route with me, leading, and mainly carrying through with the plan in spite of pesimistic weather people.

    In a year that seems to have most of the PNW having fits, especially the lift riders, I seem to be having some good fortune with conditons. Tales of rain, freezing rain, and death crust had me wondering how good it could be if I headed to the far east. No, not that far east, only as far as fauxveria. A little over an hour drive, and just east of the Pacific crest.

    The plan was to circumnavigate Cashmere Mt, and tag an unnamed summit. It would turn out to be a 6,000’/20+ mile day. Heck of a workout, but the views alone made it worth the effort.

    I thought I was taking good photos. Maybe I was, just as blury as I remember it.

    Fauxveria in christmas garb, complete with fat snow flakes falling….

    Sat down and had some brews at south. A pretty cool band was playing with some sort of weird mix of influences. Imagine sublime with a touch of jethro tull. Snow was still coming down when we left, but I could feel the temp rising.

    6 am trail head meeting, just like I like it. Why waste daylight skinning a forest road? The weather men had it right, the snow turned to rain for a moment over nigth and left a very thin crust over some nice light snow. Other then fallen trees and the occasional thinner east side snow pack, skinning was a breeze.

    with the occasional fun obstacle.

    The the views start…

    Lower down on Cashmere.


    Colchuck and dragontail.

    Near the top. Rhymie!.

    it goes.


    Sick bro…did you go down the n side?


    Nice. You scored on the weather for sure.


    @spicoli11 wrote:

    Sick bro…did you go down the n side?

    Yes and no. we didn’t hit the north face of cashmere. We rode down the north side of the lower peak right next it, and exited doctor creek. I wouldn’t really recomend it. It was a great day, but there is a pain in the ass rolly section in the middle, and then the last five miles was skate skiing in the dark down the icicle creek road praying a biler would pass by and tow me.



    nice goin…20mi? 6400k of climbing, not bad eh?

    Kyle Miller

    This trip is sick in soo many ways.
    Right on Ale

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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