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    Kyle Miller

    The Three Sisters wilderness is a volcanic playground with 4 massive volcano’s within its boundaries and another within a few miles. Amar and I made our approach from the Pole Creek trail head where we would travel SW to camp lake situated between the Middle and South Sisters. Are objective for the day was to summit the Middle sister via the Southern ridge and descend down the SW face back to camp.

    Image taken with the Sunnto x10

    The approach to camp lake was a 1700 foot gain over a 5 mile traverse through dense forest with the occasional views of the sisters.

    It doesn’t look like were skinning from the trail head this time

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    After ¾ of a mile we ran into continuous snow

    The occasional glimpse of the South Sister through the dense forest

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    After around 4 miles the forest started giving way to alpine.

    The East face of The Middle Sister (The Diller Headwall )

    We made camp at the base of Camp Lake which was still under snowpack.

    Once arriving at basecamp we ditched all of our overnight gear and took a much needed hour long break eating food and melting down water.

    Then we made our approach towards the Middle Sister
    Skinning away from basecamp with the South Sister in the distance

    Photo by Amar Andalkar

    Our ascent route up South ridge of The Middle Sister in the distance

    Broken Top in the distance

    Photos by Amar Andalkar

    The snow on the South side was still semi frozen and getting steeper so we decided bootpacking would be more efficient.

    Bootpacking towards the sun

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    Amar bootpacking the ridge with Broken top and South Sister in the distance

    Views of the North Sister started opening up once we got closer to the summit.

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    The final 100 feet to the summit proper

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    It looks like there were tracks from the day before going down the Diller Headwall

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    Amar climbs to the summit proper

    The last few steps to the summit with Broken Top, Bachelor and South Sister in the background

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    A little bit of celebration on the summit

    Photo by Amar Andalkar

    And now for some views from the summit
    Looking to the South with South Sister, Bachelor and Broken Top

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    A closer look at Broken Top

    Looking North at Washington, 3 Finger Jack and Jefferson

    Looking East

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    We originally intended on skiing back down our ascent route but it wasn’t continuous from the summit so Instead we rode down the SW face

    Our decent route was down the middle of the face

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    Riding down the ridge next to some tracks laid down the day before

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    Amar enters the chute first

    Then I drop in

    Photos by Amar Andalkar
    After an 1800 vert perfect fall line we started heading east towards our camp site

    Photos by Amar Andalkar
    At camp we rested watched the sunset over South Sister

    Photo by Amar Andalkar
    Sunset alpenglow on the NW face of South Sister

    Our totals for the day
    Ascent: 5250 ft
    Decent: 3600 ft
    Total Distance was over 9 miles


    crikey! dirty sensor~!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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