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    The snow was lighter and deeper yesterday, but there was no time for pictures… So some from today, up near Crystal Mtn:

    Imminent collision?

    Here’s to snow 😛

    Jon Dahl
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    Want to add to that Mt. Baker was epic yesterday. I cursed myself for not firing up the saw for this years split yet. 5 feet of bottomless snow was insane, if you wern’t going mach 1, you were just sitting there. And met a new splitter in the parking lot, told him about the site. Maybe he’ll show up here.

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    Philfort, nice shots.. Sounds like a good time.. Us Tahoe folks are starting to (heck, been a bit enviouis for a few weeks now) of the folks getting some…

    BTW, you going to be throwing together some vid to share with everyone later that those shots came from?

    I’ll be shooting more vid this season myself, but don’t know how much of a hurry I’ll be to post it with all the sweet “amateur” editors on this site…

    Anyway, keep up the nice TR’s… I’ll just daydream that I was there too…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    sh… where is my powder in germany….

    great pictures from the first new snow this jear!!!!


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    Nice pow shots! Good work fellas. 😀

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    right on phil!

    looks like great day. 8)

    ps. dont forget to share your videos with us too.

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    Good to see PNW getting some. Much needed, indeed.

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    Ok, I threw together a
    little video (3 minutes, 13MB)

    mostly footage from Sunday, which wasn’t so deep 😉

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    that was a great video! keep it coming

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    hey more vidios – come on !!!!!!!!!

    i see it in the mornig ! what a good starting.


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    guess I better go snowboarding, eh.

    Jon Dahl
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    Huevon, are you still up in my neck ‘o the woods, or school south of me?

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    Good stuff. Man what I’d give for a day like that in the white wonderland.

    The vid helped. Thanks! 🙂

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    I’m in the concrete jungle, Jon. Sequestered deep inside an ivory tower of handwaving and micromagic. But soon I will make my escape, back to the pristine fields of white freedom…

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    the Hip? 😈 Hip Deep! game on – go

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