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    Went line scouting in the north cascades today. This is by far the best way to find lines and view the mountains. Aerial photography is difficult I am finding ..but well worth it…I am stoked to get back out and take more shots. Got the crap scared out of me a couple of times for sure. Thanks Jim!!

    Crazy plane

    The pilot






    Sauk Sandstone Release



    And then we flew over the cristos

    Great place to build a town

    Glacier Peak

    Loaded with lifts and roads

    3 Fingas


    *sorry about the picture sizes…i am to lazy right now to re-size

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    Great shots! thanks for sharing :clap:

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    Great Pics.
    Wish I had one of those for my recons.
    Reminds me when I was back home flying gliders and scouting mountains lakes for fly-fishing.
    Good ol’ days.

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    Those are some of the sickest pics I’ve ever seen. BEAUTIFUL!!!

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    Sweet photos.. You had some fun light to work with…. A lot of nice lines and places to loose yourself having fun, in a good way…

    I hear ya on the challenges of aerial photography.. Just had my first good taste of it New Years over Yosemite.. I’ll drop some photos in another thread so not to spoil yours… But yah, definitely can be challenging… A good polarizer to cut glare and some clean windows helps… But ya need good light and a good pilot, for sure…

    And I dig the crazy plane… My buddy who flew me over Yosemite was just telling me about the “fun” characteristics of the twin overhead engines compared to the conventional ones.. Namely, the urge for the nose of the plane to dive down when you suddenly add power, rather than the opposite was other planes behave… Can be exceptionally entertaining on water landings I hear…

    Anyway, good stuff.. Thanks for sharing!

    Greg - NoKnees

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    awesome! All pretty sweet, but that second shot of glacier ooks really cool.

    I probably could have spotted you guys if I knew you where flying. We stood up on baldy for a while and had a great view of the east aspects of the cristos.

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    Great picts. Glad to see there’s some snow up there. The NCH tour is only a 8 weeks out. I still need to fill a couple of seats so if you want to join in, let me know.

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    On a related note, John Scurlock will be putting on a slideshow at the Bellingham REI 1/20 at 6pm. Wicked eye candy.

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