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    Puff Natty and I will be in these areas from Feb. 4 – 12. Don’t know where each day. It will depend on weather, partners, and how beat we are from the day before.

    PM me or post on here if you’re up this way. We won’t have internet access where we are staying (Pioneer), but will have cell phone reception at times and can give out phone number to our cabin.

    We have KW passes so will utilize them if potential partners have passes too. If not, we don’t need no stinkin’ help from lifts.

    Might be willing to go as far as Powderhouse and even maybe south shore.

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    I’d be up for making the drive down from north lake. I’ll PM later in the week when we have a better idea about what the snow will look like.

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    Count me in for at least one day of riding. My weekends are packed but I think I’m coming down with bcidis, or something like that. I’ll give you a call when I know more.

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    You know I’m down if possible. Email me your cabin phone number.

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    No hardcore splitters around here, just skiers. It would be nice to hook up. Solo is getting old. I’m already here and out every day.

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    😯 Oops, check pm

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    We will be out and about as usual representing South Shore, let’s try to hook up.

    Jayte – We have been riding dawn patrol almost every morning, where you been?


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    @jayte wrote:

    No hardcore splitters around here

    I’ve seen more splitters in the SLT area already this year than the past two years combined.

    Maybe they just aren’t as hardcore as JayTe. 😉

    Just playin dog

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    mv- don’t know if we’ll be driving as fas as SLT, but if Carso Pass is wind hammer, which it very well might be, we may venture to Pow house or somewhere more protected. I’ll PM ya with my cell number.

    Lookin’ like saturday is gonna be a bad day to be outside, Sunday we will probably ride lifts at KW.

    Monday we’ll be touring with Ecobrad probably at the pass. Rest of week is unknown.

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    mv–yeah, lets hook up. Can’t dawn patrol ‘cept weekends—got kiddies— weekdays any time after 9.

    bcr–don’t know about hardcore, guess i’ve been successfull at avoiding the crowds. great tallac pics, looks like you guys are touring with skiers as well

    anyhow, would be cool to ride with any one out there
    thinking about down eastside, maybe there is some winter snow down there. any reports?

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