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    Red Lake Peak showing some wind scoured slopes.

    Roundtop from Elephant’s Back

    Elephant’s Back

    The skin in was pretty boney a few scrapes here and there. After we hit this slope we made the major mistake of riding down towards Red Lake, which was super thin and did some impressive damage to our bases. But those turns were fun.

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    Thanks for the report Dave!

    Core shots or not…those turns look $$$ right about now! 8)

    ps. be thinking about a roadie to UT soon. :mrgreen:

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    I know this is common sense… but watch out for submerged hazards. I was riding down from the saddle b/t Round Top and the Sisters on Sunday, hit a rock that was hidden a couple inches beneath the snow and got tossed into a pile of exposed rocks that left me with a nice, deep gash in my arm that required six stitches. Made for a long skin out and even longer drive home 🙂

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