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    So we were in limbo about where to go get some turns. I tried to convince BH to drive down to Togwotee and get some, but it snowed here so we decided to only drive two hours through a freakin blizzard, fishtailing to avoid elk(twice) in zero visibility to an area near hebgen lake. we managed to rope nomad and a friend into joining us also. The original plan was to car camp friday night and skin in to overnight sat. However we had never been to the area and our decision to camp sat was to get more turns sunday. Yeah, that didn’t happen, but it was really fun lugging heavy packs in only to head back out. Really though it was good exercise and the weather lifted enough for us to enjoy some spectacular views. We did get a few turns along the way. As usual Bh took the photos.

    Getting ready at the trailhead some moose decided to join us

    Like WSR said, it is still hunting season

    Nomad and his friend Kyle

    We promised Whit that not all our trips go like this. Ghost gets his orange too.

    Kyle gettin sum

    Nomad airing it out

    After that trip we were itching for some real turns. Well we got some more snow in town monday and decided work could wait a few hours. We hit up Bridger bowl for our skin track and headed over to Bradley meadows.

    Wake up it’s time for snow!

    Some nice alpenglow

    Good morning

    Me and Ghost skinning

    digging a quick pit

    The turns weren’t too bad

    Bridgerhippy having some fun

    It was nice to finally get some decent turns and ride back to the car. Hopefully I can not go crazy since I can’t get any turns for a couple weeks.

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    So much stoke. 🙂

    Moose pic – cool
    Orange hats including Ghost – funny
    Turns – looks boney and fun
    Question – Why didn’t you spend the night? Conditions weren’t worth it?

    2nd trip
    alipneglow – amazing
    sunrise – beautiful
    snow pit – great to see
    turns – sick!

    Looks like it’s just about made the change from early season to winter for you guys. Enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing! 8)

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    Sweet. I got my orange jacket on out here, too. I ran into a guy behind my house who was target practicing, and he said during hunting season he shoots anything that moves…lovely haha.

    Great to see a pit photo. Great shot of the morning sun, too.

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