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    ok so my buddy and I hiked up to Carlton Ridge and about got blown off the top. There was about 2 feet of powder and windblown accumulations in deeper areas. I forgot how amazing the Whitebark Pine looked up there. We even saw a Clarks Nutcracker. If you dont know about their symbiotic relationship then its worth a google. Carlton ridge can be found by taking the Mormon Peak turnoff just as your heading up Hwy 12 heading out of Lolo going to Idaho. It took us about 3 hours to get to the top of the ridge just before it dips down into the saddle and begins the climb up Mormon Peak. Snow was in excellent shape, didnt look like there had been any thawing episodes. Dug a pit and couldnt find any real layers that would indicate this. Ok. good talk. :rock:

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    good spot-closes soon for elk migration, here’s some pics from May-this is the peak everyone sees from town

    Mormon from Carlton Ridge

    South Lolo Peak

    Looking back @ Sweeny and Bass Creek

    from the top of Lolo Peak in summer wear

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    Place looks rad! :headbang:

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    If anyone wants to roll to Lolo peak proper, Monday December 14th or Tuesday the 15th let me know. I believe that’s when the road closes. If we can only drive part way up we will definitely need all day. Wanna bag this peak in the fall! Only ridden from the peak in the spring.

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    That is a gorgeous face!


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    Thanks for posting those pics! I took some shots but they didnt turnout. All you can see is clouds. Thanks man :clap:

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