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    Guy Gaston
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    Hi. I’m having a go at making my own carbon fibre toe-pieces.
    I made a foam mold out of high density EPS, and wrapped 20 or so layers of 300 gr/m2 carbon fibre around it.
    I’m not sure yet if it will be bendable like the Pierre Gignoux / Dynafit-version.
    If it turns out un-bendable, I’m thinking screw in pins a la maruelli will do fine…

    pierre binding

    Guy Gaston
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    eps mold

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    About damn time, looking forward to this!

    That was Pontus

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    where do we pre-order?

    Guy Gaston
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    Guy Gaston
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    Guy Gaston
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    Guy Gaston
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    Guy Gaston
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    Only roughly shaped in the shower. Carbon dust is supposed to be very hazardous. But it seems to be working 🙂 Next run will be made with vac bag setup. Cleaner and stronger

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    Guy Gaston
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    Bindings work fairly well. Should have used more layers of carbon fibre. Traversing steep ice they do sometimes pop off the boot. Powder days no problem.
    With the need of an unbraco key to step in and out, i find them a bit of a hassle.

    Found some dirt cheap dynafit superlites, so project is on hold. These will saved for my coming pure powder split.

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    Hey, cool stuff!

    I am really interested in doing something similar, so lots of questions:

    Did you consider shaping a lever, like the Dynafit piece?
    How did you press the mold? Vacuum bagging?
    What distance are the teeth? I guess a few cm less than the distance between the slots on the boots to give it some bite?

    Guy Gaston
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    I only used plastic film and tape to press them against the mold. Vac bag would be alot better. The mold itself was cut out from a big block of EPS foam.

    I have a hard time beleiving that the dynafit lever solution would work. The brackets has to be really stiff to handle the forces involved on such wide skis.

    I would rather take a look at what maruelli has done with the hand operated, plastic ( ?) screw lock.

    My brackets were 85 mm inside. And distance between pin points ca 58 mm

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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