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    Anyone have any thoughts/experiance on taking a Capita Charlie Slasher and making it into a split? I’ve got an email into the Capita HQ to see what they think. I really don’t know much about Capita or their boards.

    I’m looking for a cheap way to get a rocker splitboard so I can put some time on it in the backcountry and see if I like it. These boards are only $400 new. Hopefully that doesn’t also mean that it’s made cheaply and will not hold up.




    I forget which one, but i;m pretty sure Capita are mad eby one of the big manafacturers. Even the cheap board these days aren;t too bad. The price is right and design is goddamned perfect for what i would in a splitty, IMHO. It’ll split just like any other; nothing unusual in the construction that i can see to get in the way. In fact, as a very broad statement, i woudl think the cheaper boards will make for an easier split as they are lessl likely to use exotic materials or have additional structural pieces buried.

    Split it and let us know!

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    All poplar core, can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

    That was Pontus

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    My buddy just pulled the trigger and bought this board. We will be getting out this weekend so he can get his stance dialed in and then it’s time for the saw! I’ll post pictures when we get on to business.


    ^thats gonna be a rad split. Im tempted to grab one of the party sharks while they last. nothing says “f*ck yea bro” like a pow day!!

    I’ve also always thought the black death would make a real sick do it all split.

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    Keep an eye out on Whiskey Militia, a couple of powder boards have been up the last few days for 199.99. Some Stepchild and…. the Nitro Slash 166….

    That was Pontus

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    Got the saw out last night and cut up some boards. What else do you do with one band new board and two others that have only been riding a hand full of times?

    The usual suspects: 2009 156 Lib Tech Mullet, 2011 158 Capita Charlie Slasher, 2008 162 Rome Design.



    Everything went very well except that the Slasher had some metal inlay in the base as a design and one small piece bent out when it got cut. No big deal, just an extra bit of repair work.

    The Rome Design has a full carbon top sheet. I was a little worried the camber might change after it was cut. I measured before and after and no movement.

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    Here are a few picture of the final result. As you can see, set this one up with the Karakorum setup except for the tip and tail clips. I like the Voile ones a little better then the Karakorum tip/tail clips. Turned out pretty good. My buddy really likes the way this board rides.

    Sorry they are a little fuzzy. I forgot to take picture with my camera and he sent me these from his camera phone.



    Shit, color me jealous. That’s my ultimate set-up.

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    Thinking about splitting that same exact Charlie Slasher. How did it work out? Never split a board before. Was it still stiff enough? Did it tour okay?

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    Put this one together for a fella last year. He was stoked with the ride. It didn’t lose much from being solid – worth cutting.

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    I split on last year too for a friend. Almost the same stance as me so I got a chance to ride it. I was really impressed.

    Nice looking edge work :thumpsup:

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    @the_squid wrote:

    Thinking about splitting that same exact Charlie Slasher. How did it work out? Never split a board before. Was it still stiff enough? Did it tour okay?

    I did the work so here’s my thoughts on splitting the board.

    The construction was good for spliting (all solid wood core). However, the aluminum logo on the base did get distorted when I cut it on the table saw. Not a big deal and was able to get it all sorted and epoxied in. Just something to keep in mind.

    I asked my buddy what he thought now that it’s been a while since we split this. Here’s his feedback.

    It did soften up a bit after split but nothing that he thought was detrimental. It tours good and overall he really likes the board and how it rides in pow.

    Hope that helps and sorry for the delayed response.

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    Thanks a lot for the feedback, still debating on what I’m going to do… but I really want to split it. I’ve had plenty of good resort days on this board and maybe it’s time has come.

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    Ever wanted to run Charlie as a split-board? Now you can with our RFC Sustainable Touring Core, which features an ABS sidewall insert down the centerline. This new construction allows you to split your board and have full ABS sidewalls, eliminating potential water damage and maintaining your board’s structural integrity.

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    I got a Charlie Slasher 164. Took it out of the plastic and split it.

    Love it:

    The topsheet gets thrashed but that’s what splitboards are for. The camber profile is great, the thing rips, love it love it love it. My friend has this year’s 161–with the self-sealing split strip laid up in the center–but he hasn’t cut it. I would like to see one of those.

    Yeah: inexpensive pow-board, perfect for splitting. Charlie Slasher delivers.

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    I split my 2014 slasher too right out of the plastic. Not a fan of the flat profile on hard up tracks but what a fantastic ride in the deep stuff!

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