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    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are attending the Canuck Splitfest this weekend, Parks Canada has requested that you familiarize yourself with these documents.

    Important information for backcountry users

    CAC public avalanche warning

    Full details are available on the official Canuck Splitfest presented by Prior website at:

    When: January 22-23, 2011

    Where: Rogers Pass, BC (nearest international airports: Kelowna, BC and Calgary, AB)

    Lodging: See lodging page – anywhere from $0 to $68.55/night (camp in parking lot or sleep in hotel)

    Parks Admission Fee: $7.80/day or $39.20 for an annual pass

    Parks Access Permit: Free. Issued daily, can receive an annual pass with attendance to an information session (scheduled for Friday night at 7PM) Some areas will be closed for avalanche control work (to protect the highway, not the backcountry user)

    Canuck Splitfest fee: $0 but I encourage you to click the donate button on the website. Amounts over $25 will receive a tax receipt from the Canadian Avalanche Foundation (a registered Canadian charity)

    Facebook Page:

    Avalanche Bulletin:

    Weather stations: Fidelity Rogers Pass Round Hill Rockfall

    Parks Canada touring information:

    Parks Canada Avalanche Terrain Maps: Asulkan and Illecillewaet Connaught Creek Loop Brook NRC Gully

    Guiding service: Greg Johnson ACMG will be available should someone want to hire a splitboard guide. He is a fully certified guide through the ACMG program. To contact him, send an email to greg at splitguide dot com. To ensure availability, please do not wait until the last minute. Contact him now to reserve.

    Sponsors will be donating products to a raffle to be held Saturday night. Tickets will be sold and as a participant there are some great prizes already up for grabs. Some sponsors will also be bringing product to demo as well. Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the Canadian Avalanche Foundation

    Presenting Sponsor:


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    My vote is for January. New years is resort time with the lady 🙂 Really anything that is not a major winter holiday is good with me.

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    I am down for a mid-January rip at Rodgers

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    Mid Jan would probably work best.

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    Whatever dates you pick I hope I can make it. I really wish I could make it to Fairy Meadows as well, can’t swing the time off.

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    Are OZZIE blowins welcome? :bow:
    Might tour Canada instead of Japan next year

    Adam West

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    I’ll complain now. Early Jan is the only time that works for me unless it’s held on a weekend. I go back to class the 10th of Jan. New Years would be sick timing actually.

    That was Pontus

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    anytime after new years in january is good for me as well

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    Will this be noob friendly?

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    Tex is really interested in this. I love this place you call Canada

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    I’m leaning towards the 22-23 weekend as I’m worried a bit about missing some of the event should weather prevent or delay the heli flight out of Fariy Meadows. Pretty bad form I think for an organizer to do that.

    January 22-23, 2011 is still tentative, but I’m going to float it out there and see what people think. I plan on solidifying it soon as there’s lots of other arrangements to get underway.

    On another note, I’d appreciate feedback on these logos.

    I’d also greatly appreciate someone who has the design skills to create in a vector based format for easier reproduction. Someone capable of making an event poster (like this one for the Mt. Baker Festival: would also be great.

    As for the noob question, my experience with festivals is one (last year’s Mt. Baker festival) and I don’t anticipate a problem. There were many groups that headed out based on their levels and goals. Rogers is a huge place, ranging from super safe trees right out the back door of the hotel to you ride it, you name it, stuff that (should) even make Karkis pucker!

    For those wanting to hire a (splitboard) guide, that’s hopefully going to be an option available too.

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    Wade – Jan 22-23 works for me.

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    i am good with anything except mid February. i would probably try to roll in on thurs night. lookin forward to this 😀 .

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    I’d also greatly appreciate someone who has the design skills to create in a vector based format for easier reproduction. Someone capable of making an event poster (like this one for the Mt. Baker Festival: … 8&Itemid=8) would also be great.

    OKok, I’m your man. Let me mull over the logos, digitizing in no prob. I also have some connections for decals, swag – maybe even custom topsheet decal overlays :scratch:
    I could get going on a poster as well. Shoot me a pm with some details you would like to see and we can go from there.

    As well, we could really take advantage of o’Canada and pull off a splitfest in May. You KNOW Rogers is bomber in spring, just sayin.

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    Logos are styling! Afraid I can’t be much help on the graphics side of things. But if you need a hand here on the ground I can devote some time.

    Thinking the weekend of the 22-23 is workable. Probably leave later on the Friday afternoon. Also if folks are flying in, I’ll be driving my truck out, so there may be room for a couple plus a ton of gear. Tent or hotel room are up to you though.

    That was Pontus

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    the 22/23 works for me….i almost fell out of my chair laughing at the 3/4 coulior that you pointed out on the old $20 bill…ha….nice…good work on the site…

    super stoked for this….if anyone else from k-town is interested let me know….i’ll also promote it on the facebook page that i have going for deeper as well as mention it at the show next thursday, nov. 4th….i might even be able to get a couple local shops interested in sponsoring as i’ve been working with a bunch of them on deeper!/pages/Jeremy-Jones-Deeper-at-the-Kelowna-Community-Theatre/159184500758465

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    Thanks for the plug on the deeper premier! I’ve sent off emails to the hotel and a couple of sponsors. Terry who organized the Baker splitfest is going to be getting me a copy of contacts from the companies that sponsored that event, but having local shops step up would be great as well.

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    Good stuff Wade! The 22/23 sounds good. Crossing the fingers for super deep.

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    Edit: Can’t do those dates… maybe next year. January 23rd is my princess’s birthday.

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    Discounted room rates have been negotiated! Check it out and call now to reserve your spot!

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