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    Melmo, WOW … this is A LOT OF WORK …. very well presented… there’s a lot of time in there …. I took a long time before posting, as I wanted to take a good evening to go through your document and all the good information you’ve put in … I have to say that I’m very impressed how someone could have push the limit like this without all the ressources a real shop/cie has …. KUDDO …. that’s really good …. that document is definitly a keeper for me … I learned a lot of stuff too. I’ve passed this along to my friends snowborders and skiers, and all of them were pretty impress with your work too …. (BTW, I’m not a splitboarder yet). It always amazed me what people can do when they have a set objective combined with passion!!!!….. A job well done!

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    Yeah, Melmo! They’re rad. Come to TPR so we can check them out in person!

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    Wow, just found this and I had to say, killer job. LOVE the topsheet and base graphics, especially with the BART thrown in there.

    I’m light, I’d love to take a test ride on one of those things!

    Did you go to CCA? Did you take NPD with UC Berkeley? I have given some lectures for that NPD class in rapid prototyping in the last few years.

    Hope to see more this sweet work in the future.

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    I didn’t go to CCA, but their program is great! I went to SF State for Industrial Design.

    I’m getting into the backcountry on one of them in two weeks. Heading out near Mount Rose. I can’t wait! I only got to ride them a few days last season. And my pair of Scarpa F1s are on their way from sierratradingpost (cheapest deal on them ever – great if they have your size).,83126_bScarpaandb-F1-Ski-Boots-Alpine-Touring-For-Men-and-Women.html

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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