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    To all interested in split mountaineering – just came across this guy on biglines. He’s been doing some pioneering traverses, lines etc – check out his photos! Really makes me just want to toss it all in and head for the hills. Hmmm……

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    thanks for sharing nomad.

    the canadian rockies are amazing. 8)

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    I wish we could find out more about these babies:

    His description:

    This is the maine reson for a late attemp on the waterman my new hand made splitboard\Moutenering boots and wow!!!I am impress of the result ride great the only one of is kind.

    They seem perfect for snowboard mountaineering…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    looks like he riveted some softboot hi-tops to a pair of Arctis Expe’s and then swapped in a beefier tongue for forward stiffness. Probably very warm, but I’m not sure I see the advantage over, say, AT boots, unless you’re short on cash and long on cannibalize-able boots.

    Would be interesting to hear more from the creator of these frankenboots, for sure 🙂

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    Well it goes to show you that the perfect factory made splitboard boot is still not out there.

    I’d sure like to fit the K2 stepin cleats to something like that.

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    @ttriche wrote:

    but I’m not sure I see the advantage over, say, AT boots,

    a more traditional feel a softer lateral flex?

    ps. it would be cool if he chimed in.

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    Interesting pics…thanks for posting the link.

    That set up looks like it would be much softer laterally than AT boots. Which might appeal to those not wishing to rock a racer stance. It was kinda hard to tell but it looked like Benoit uses strap bindings too. I’ve never tried it, but I know a lot of folks use straps and PMBs, the above mod would seem to detract little from their warmth and climbing abilities, but add some support to their riding function.

    I share your feelings Nomad. My best climbing buddy has been in Yosemite Valley for the last couple months since he quite his job. Makes it extra hard to drag myself to work. I gotta buy my boss a copy of Let My People Go Surfing…

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