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    My wife and I are planning a road trip from CO up in to Alberta/British Columbia in early June. We plan on bringing our snow gear and hopefully riding some corn down here in the U.S. as we make our way up (hopefully).

    -I was wondering what are the prospects of finding any corn skiing around Rogers Pass or anywhere else up in B.C, Alberta. around this time? Am I just deluded with wishful thinking and gonna be bushwacking through the scrub?

    -Any particular Glaciers, peaks,or passes that can be accessed in a day or so that might be worth checking out?
    (We’ll probably be heading north to Banff area and then over to the west coast )

    -Also, can we pull down forest roads and camp in the provincial forests, the same way you can in the U.S?

    any input would be great as I’m newbie to Western Canada besides things I see on TR’s.


    A few friends of mine have gone out through the whole year so june shouldnt be a problem
    i know he goes to rogers and hikes up until he hits now,but i cant tell you what areas because this will be my first year getting out in the late spring early summer months.


    you can ski any month of the year. there is corn in june – the only trouble being that you have to get to it.

    what in particular are you looking for.


    If you’re routing through Montana – you may want to slip into Glacier park for a ride. Easy access at Logan Pass if they have the road cleared to there(check park website) or Jackson Glacier if you want a big hike or possibly an overnight camp. Heavens Peak N. of Lake McDonald or numerous spots near Two Medicine. These are best before July 4th when the big crowds arrive & the park becomes too clusterf’ed.


    thanks, for the input. Were both not afraid of a little slog to reach some snow.

    As far as what were looking for. Just some high bowls or passes that might offer up some nice turns, it being june we’d love to throw some riding into our trip. Probably not any couloirs as my wifes not into the steep and narrows.

    thanks lewmt, I’ll check that stuff out.


    Up round Rogers Pass the summer trail up to Hermit meadows gives good access to S aspects on the Swiss Glacier, chutes and faces on Rogers, Swiss etc.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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