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    and much of it is not snowboardable…unless you’re being towed behind a snowmobile.

    Perhaps we should have some provincial sections.


    just a thought,


    I second that.
    Snow apparently fell in the eastern rockies a week ago Gary. Its coming.


    @InTheMountains wrote:

    Canada’s a big place.

    Hi Gary,

    So are the states…and the mountains within those states. 🙂

    If we ad tooo many subforums for all the states and all the provinces and all the mountains within those states and provinces I think it will be too much. At least you have your own section now right? You can create different threads for all the different provinces and all the different spots in those provinces and it will all be nicely organized into one master “Canada” forum. 8)

    I started some threads to give you some ideas but feel free to add more. There’s no reason each spot or mountain range within each province couldn’t have it’s own thread.

    Now if hundreds and hundreds of canadian riders start posting and it gets too cluttered I’m happy to rethink it.

    Enjoy and happy splitting! :rock:


    Snow apparently fell in the eastern rockies a week ago

    Yup :bananas:, the temp dropped, and some of that rain ended up as snow but we’re talk’n way up high. (if its not too overcast tomorrow, I’ll snap some pics)

    Ditto, on not segmenting the Kanata forum.
    I predict by the end of this comming season, the “Vancover area split partners wanted” thread will be on about page 20 or so while the remaining populace of the great big place called Canada struggles to fill page one.

    Canada Poaches Mad River Glen

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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