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    Hey all –

    I’m new to splitboarding and just bought a Prior 168 splitboard. I spent all night last night getting it “just right”.

    But the Voile binding plate has to be yanked pretty hard to get it on and off the pucks. Not REALLY hard, but hard enough to have bent back a couple of fingernails and split open some knuckes while practicing. Is this normal?

    I know I want the tolerances to be tight there, so I’m not going to modify anything, but am curious if people lube or wax those babies to make them slide off and on easier? I was thinking of using Pedro’s Ice Wax, the stuff I use on my bike chain. What do you all think?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Sure, why not. Waxing the track should be fine. And not to worry, it will get easier as you use it as well. Consider it part of the break-in process. There is only you can do with the perfect alignment of the pucks…

    …another Prior owner…good choice….

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    Same issue here, it will definately get easier the more you use it.

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    I think the best thing that works is Pam the non stick cooking stuff. That worked for me when I was in the “break-in process”. Give it a try.

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    had mine for two years and still have issues with sliding off, but only when it’s dry. once in the snow and lubed up it seems to slide a little easier. still takes some force though. give it some mustahd!

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    they’ll break in.

    try going back and forth with them at home 40 or 50 times too.

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    At the Splitfest, Dean from Prior used a stick of wax on the pucks of a new board to help with that.

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    Try using a bit of fine grain sandpaper on the pucks. Sometimes there are slight irregularities in the plastic that can catch on the metal track. Lightly sand down the tops, as well as the sides.

    Another problem could be the length of the screws that are attaching your bindings. If the screws hang down too far below the metal track, they can catch/dig into the plastic pucks. If this is happening, just use two washers for each screw.

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    Hey guys, I just posted a similar question. Don’t know how I missed this thread before posting. Sorry for gumming up the board.

    But back on topic, mine are still tight as hell.

    bdub: nope. no scratches on the pucks.
    Others: I’ve sat at home and worked em for ages. Done some sanding, reworked the angles a zillion times, and they’re still stupid tight. Had em for 3 years.




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    Just used my new Voile for the first time. Sprayed the pucks with PAM before going out. Everything worked smooth as could be the first time out. No reason for them to “break in” at all in my situation.

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    Sprayed the pucks with PAM before going out

    Works good!!!!!! Hottysplit thought I was nuts but it works.

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