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    If the mammoth area gets 12 inches of snow today and tommorrowwww what do you think the chanse of finding something to skin are? I was thinking Bloody mountain ( the snow ramp not the couloir) . I am going to take my dogs up and wanted to do a short skin(4 to 5 hours) and hike to see how they would do

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    So would that be a total of 24″ of fresh? hmm…you can always head out behind tamarack lodge into Red Cone area. Still might be logs and rocks sticking out…I haven’t seen any pictures yet.

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    There is very little snow below 9,500 feet, and only a trace in town. So you’ll probably want to go somewhere that you can drive and park at a high elevation.
    I think the road to Minaret Vista is probably the highest you’ll be able to drive, and it’s a scenic skin up the San Jaoquin Ridge from there. The ground is pretty sandy up there, so it won’t take much snow to make it skinnable. Though it could be a little wind scoured.

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    BCD, I will be in town friday-sunday. I want to do a scouting mission so if you or anybody there wants to go, PM me. I will be with 2 huskies and one other splitter. It wont take long to get tired of Broadway , so Saturday afternoon or all day sunday, Im hiking

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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