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    Just got back from a sick trip up to Cameron. We (flowtorch,jessi from Thrillhead)took a couple of laps on the shoulder of the diamond. It was very very nice. Two trips from the bottom makes for some tired legs. Luckily we had my infamous grill and lots of beer. Enjoy the photos.

    On the first trip up. It snowed all day too!!

    Almost to the ridge,i love snow.

    Kenny loves snow..

    This is pretty much the shoulder,where the softgoods are. It was so niice..

    Some more goods below the shoulder,under treeline. Fun area. Though the trees below this were pretty much too tight to ride at this time

    We just popped out at the road and this gomer drove by us. Just after he passed he somehow spun it into the other lane. He was going uphill too,not real bright. Plumber’s crack for days….

    This is jessi from thrillhead on our 2nd run of the day..

    And myself. I smacked the one rock up there a nano-second after this pic was taken. Got my first gouge on the ol mtn gun.

    And a cool moon on the way down the canyon…


    Looking good down in Colorado. Much better coverage than what we have right now. Looks like fun. There are so many nice peaks off Cameron. Good stuff.


    Looks pretty sweet. Nice work guys!


    Looks great! Better than this part of MT right now as those dasterdly chinooks decided to show up this weekend. Thanks for sharing


    It also looks much better than the chest high weak surf with 50 guys out. Someone tell me it will snow again in california


    @patroller420 wrote:

    It also looks much better than the chest high weak surf with 50 guys out. Someone tell me it will snow again in california

    Nice work guys! some real nice pics.

    That is why I never got too into surfing P420. The waves mandate a long borin..I mean board up here near Ventura. At least until winter. blah Then you have to fight off the 50 wieners for the wave. It’s just a tad far for me to the beach, went out way to many times after I checked the “net” only to arrive to flat water.

    I hope it snows soon, I can only wax the sleds so many times.


    Glad ya’ll like the pics, I know how bad it can be anticipating the snow….couldn’t imagine living near the beach though…how do you guys do it 😀

    Wyo, that should give you an idea what Nokhu and the American lakes look like. Pretty wind scoured but it’s starting to fill in. We are in kind of a dry spell too. I figured you guys had more snow up there….wont be long!

    It was pretty funny riding out of the trees at the bottom. That guy must have been craning his neck at us and just went into a big ol spin into the snowbank. We must of been pretty funny, we offered to help out but were pretty useless…we were kind of worked…just kind of stood around looking at each other and laughing. Guy didn’t seem to want our help either. Some serious plumbers crack going on.


    Great stuff. Kook with crack. Lucky for you, mr. rneck didn’t want to make Deliverance with you. 😯 LOL….

    Love Diamond Peak! Rain is expected tonight on Togwotee. Just goes from bad to worse. Maybe it will help the over-all pack in the long run. Let it snow! 😈


    Diamond Peak, always a go too. Many people don’t ride that South Shoulder. More snow, just not as much vert…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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