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    Beta needed from all you PNW crew.
    Is this a day trip or do we need to overnight?

    Trailhead Beta and route beta if you have it. A few of us are kicking around the ideaof going up July 4th weekend


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    By the 4th, it’s doable as a long day, but better as an overnight. When we were there 2 weeks ago, the FS road was closed about 5.5 miles from the Cold Springs TH. I suspect it won’t be open all the way by the 4th, so maybe expect to be blocked 1-2 miles from the TH. We hiked in about 7.5 miles, made camp at 6,500 feet. The next day climbed to the summit via the south spur (Suksdorf Ridge), which is the recommended climbing route. For riding, ride off the summit down to the false summit (Pikers Peak), and from there, drop into the SW chutes, which are about 4,000 feet of consistent mid 30’s fall line pitch.

    By the 4th, you’ll probably have nearly continuous snow down to about treeline (~6,000 feet), then it’s likely a shwack out. Depending on where the road is closed, you can just head down hill and nav back to the Morrison Creek TH on the FS road, or you can stay above treeline and take the “round the mountain” trail that traverses back to the south ridge route and nearer to the car.

    If you’re looking at doing an overnight, which I would recommend if the weather and everything else cooperates, look to bivy on the Lunch Counter (flat spot near 9,000 feet), which has some good rock walls in spots. You could also bivy around the Crescent Glacier (around 8,000 feet) or between.

    If any of that wasn’t clear, or you need more referenes, let me know.

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    Its fun either way. Nice thing about the car push is the light load. You can bring solid boards and hike in tennis shoes. If the steps on the steep sections are in good condition, you might even leave the crampons and ice axe behind. Just depends on your comfort level and snow.

    Regarding overnighters, I would recommend camping on a bluff around 6,700 ft just before the Cresent Glacier Basin. Look for the unique tree. Refer to the last pic on my tr…


    Besides the good views, there’s a good trundling spot a stones throw away and usually running water near by.

    If you decide to descend the sw chutes, this provides the easiest traverse back to camp. Also you can ride right up to your tent from the false summit. When I’ve camped here, I do a run from the false summit and the next day do the sw chutes. Btw, the sw chutes flatten out just below 8k so keep your speed up. It drops another 1k of mellower, fun stuff. Once at 7k, I would start my traverse, skinning back to camp by contouring around 7k.

    Camping at Lunch Counters is cool, but if you do the sw chutes, climbing 2k back to camp and riding down with overnight packs doesn’t tickle me fancy like it use to.

    Usually by the 4th, the road to Cold Springs is melted out. If not, pretty close. So if you decide to do the sw chutes from the car, I would stop at the round the mountain trail, which contours 6,400 ft. and hike out that way. Otherwise you can get sucked into the numerous, forrested sub gullies and end up hiking back up the ridge. If you camp at Morrison Creek, you can ride those gullies but by the 4th, it might be patchy and marginal snow quality.

    As far as the climb goes, I would use the popular climbers route. It crosses the Cresent Glacier Basin around 7,400 ft. and gains the ridge. After 1k on the ridge, it puts you near the top of the Cresent Glacier on a mellow pitch that leads directly to the base of the false summit. Otherwise if you opt for the South Butte route it goes out and around. In my experience, less direct.

    Other notes: Only showers (bring quarters) I know about is at the Memaloose campgrounds about 10 minutes east of Hood River. The campgrounds can only be accessed from the west side of 84 so take the Rowana Rd exit and head west back on 84. Also climbing permits are located at the Trout Lake Ranger Station, quarter mile on the left past the “y” at the gas station. Also can be self issued at the trailhead. Don’t forget to pickup some poopbags. I’ve had rangers ask me to show them.

    If the weather forecast is good, I’ll be up there with the girl. I might see ya there! Hey powderjunkie and puff nattie, you coming up too? I’ll try and get IAOFM to come too.

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    What route up and down? The s side and sw chutes are fairly easy in a day if you have good weather. I did it in tennis shoes as well..I wore aluminum crampons on them for a very short bit and got strange looks from people carrying to much stuff. I put my boots in my pack, no axe. I drove down solo late in the day from seattle and car camped at the trailhead for a couple of hours. Walked up and rode down. Drove out to short sands and went surfing with some people camped there that evening. You will need coffee in hood river if you go for the sky to sea. The road to trout lake takes 4ever.

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    Is this “Member’s Only”?

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    I don’t know, think you might want to bring at least a soft shell

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    Spicolli…are you bugging mine and Dave’s phones? We were talking about a day of riding then a day of surfing just last night. Damn now that would be cool.

    Tomy: of course this is members only

    but then again

    YOUR a Member so come on along. Im flying into oakland and sanfraatastico is driving the short bus from there. Dave is either flying into portland of oakland.

    Leaving early thursday and returning sometime sunday ( I hope)


    You know how old I am, I wear that same jacket every day to work. If fact Im sporting it right now
    And I must say ” Fernando…jew look marvolouis “

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    Yes Tex…I know everything …. now…give me all your gear and cameras and we’ll keep it all hush hush 🙂

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