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    California summers come in many different varieties….here’s our version. 🙂

    After a 3hour drive south through the central valley and 2hrs west…

    we reach the section of California coast where I grew up, met my wife, and got married. Not NorCal not SoCal but the Central Coast.

    Just in time for Farmers Market

    and some nose wheelies

    The next day Haley goes straight to boogietown

    and the to the pool

    Surf check, local grom gets a nice right off the pier

    and floats back on a left


    Sky takes a quick break for skating

    Storming the castle, Hearst Castle that is

    Nice pool

    Light the wick

    Too bad you can’t actually sit in one of the many sitting rooms

    or take a nap or nooner in Hearst’s 17th century bed

    The indoor pool complete with diving balcony

    Moonstone Beach, Cambria

    Beach shelter

    My girls

    Sky nose blunt on the Cayucus Elks Club ramp in progress

    Calamari, chowder, and a hefe….mmm

    Pong in the game room, Sky is finally old and coordinated enough to pose a challange

    Haley returns to boogietown


    Mini barrel

    Haley loving life saving the world one (or two) bottle caps at a time

    Beach bonfire time

    Dad makes jiffypop, Sky watches in amazement

    Dig in

    Melted sugar on stick time



    Dudes with guitars (or ukuleles) always get the chicks

    Our neighbors, my wife and I kissed for the first time 23 years ago at a party like this on the very same beach

    More skate

    Sky puts his nose to the grindstone


    Eats, Giuseppes Pismo Beach

    Sky preps some new wood

    And puts it to good use, kick flip 4 stair

    Ollie north

    Planter box gap

    7 stair

    The beautiful mrs

    Freebird sunset

    Purple haze

    The Central Coast


    The Pier


    Back to the surf

    Sky has been playing in the surf since he could walk but this was his first legit session, he simply killed it and made me so proud

    His wave of the day, Dad is freaking out at this point that everything came together (right spot, no locals claiming rank, made the drop)

    So excited in fact that he forgot to pay attention to the frame and cut the open face of the wave out. Oh well, we’ll both remember the wave forever even if we didnt get the money shot.

    Now he’s showing off

    Only a father knows the feeling. Out of all of our skating/snowboarding/hiking sessions this was right up there with the best ever. Dad even caught some great lefts and remembered how fun surfing can be. I even felt a little guilt for living so far away from the coast and not surfing more. Now that Sky is in I think we’ll be doing more of it!

    A friend from back in the day and his amazing family

    Start ’em early

    Smith grind

    Sky getting some tips

    Can’t wait to see these kids in a few years

    After 9 days from home everyone is ready to get back but Dad insists on taking the long way home up the coast through Big Sur

    They stop complaining when they see the view

    Christmas card

    Julia Phifer beach

    So pretty

    Ragged Point

    State flower

    Santa Cruz

    The locals hanging out

    Mmm carne asada


    SC skate park, Sky nose slide

    Bowl City

    Local airs out

    The beach

    A few weeks later the location changes but the goal is the same, Wrights Lake

    Mom’s camp tacos


    Day hike, 6.6 miles rt

    Wilderness boundary

    Sky at the same sign 9 years ago

    And crossing the marsh near Twin Lakes the same trip

    Same spot but he’s much bigger now

    Haley water crossing

    Twin Lakes

    Time for a swin

    Out to the island they go

    Time to head back to camp



    Back at the lake Sky and Coda cool off

    Haley goes for the rock jump


    Same rock in winter

    Same result

    Back at camp

    Girls and there People mags….

    Back for more water fun

    Coda goes BIG!!!

    Scoping his landing for another



    Me and Sky

    It’s been a great summer so far….looking forward to a little more before winter. 🙂

    spruce cabin
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    What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories and stellar photos.

    Tim Ryan
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    That is awesome! You are doing it right. You and your family will have so many fond memories in the years ahead.

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    so great to see you spending quality time with the family. looks like you are having an excellent summer. also good to see you getting out there and catching a few waves with the boy…had some fun summer days of surf there eh?

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    Sweet dude!!! I can’t believe how quickly Sky’s advanced sk8ing. Now surfing too. Not to mention his first season in the backcountry this year. Man, got yourself a built in partner now.

    Great photos.

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    Good stuff. Gotta love the family photos at the wilderness signs. So many good memories when I was a kid. I hear ya on the People mags.

    I wish I was closer to the coast.

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    Rad dude, beautiful family you got there. You are doing it right man…

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    Great shots. Looks like a great summer. Sky sure does seem to becoming quite the skater.

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    stoke if I’ve ever seen it

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    Awesome and Inspiring!!! Keep up the good work Chris…

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