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    …and given the big $$ investment, am having a hard time with the size/flex decision.

    I’m about 175lb and I’d call myself an advanced-intermediate rider – can get down anything inbounds although on some bumpy steeps it’s not always with a lot of style. This season, given the good conditions, I mostly rode a Dupraz 178 but spent time on everything from an all-mountain alpine board and hardboots to a Rad-Air Tanker 200.

    My main goal for now is more to extend my riding season rather than to do a lot of long BC tours. For now, I’ll be doing moderate daytrips in Western WA as well as inbounds hiking after the close when there’s no time for anything else. Granted that could all change next season when I get tired of riding in other peoples tracks…

    Trying to decide between a Mtn Gun and the Freeride as well as between the 161 and 171. Any input would be apprecited. If there have been previous threads, let me know a keyword for the search. I tried things like “first splitboard” and didn’t get so far. The info in ‘Splitboard 101’ was a great help but direct user experiance would be super cool.



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    welcome thomas!
    when I read your text I thought I wrote it … 😉

    I am about 177lbs and have experiences on several splitboards. this season I bought the voilé mtn gun 171. Ok, due to an injury I could use it only a few runs, but it’s a fantastic board for my requirements and style, which seems to be similar to yours.
    so I recommend the mtn gun in 171 cm!

    161 is imho too short, don’t take a board that is shorter than 170, unless it is a taper tail board, than you can take 165-170.
    other recommandations are the prior splits … but here I have no riding experiences, just heard positive opinions about them.

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    Hi Thomas,
    I ride the freeride from a couple of years ago and I really like it for most everything. I’m about 170lbs and ride the 166. It’s certainly softer than the gun but I’m out there to ride good snow so a softer surfy board is great. I have a friend here who is 6’3″, 230 lb who says the gun is too stiff for him. I think the gun is for guys who make 2 turns in 1000′ vert regardless of snow conditions.

    My two cents

    Jon Dahl
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    Thomas, welcome aboard! Haven’t seen you since the season closer 2 years ago at Crystal mountain. 171 Mtn. Gun would be a great board for spring conditions/ agressive riding. Freeride series would be softer flex/ better in pow but would probably sacrifice some performance in hard snow conditions. Swallowtail would be the weapon for steep deep days. If we get the conditions again, I’d let you ride my swallowtail if you let me ride that Dupraz!

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    If you get up to Baker in the future let me know and you can try my 171 mountain Gun and my 173 Freeride homemade split and see what you like. the 173 is much softer and is great in powder, but the Mountain Gun is a better all around board.

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    S’up John, refried. The Dupraz is a very nice board, really does work well in almost all conditions despite the weird appearance. I think a Dupraz split would be ideal but I’m not about to cut one in half…

    Thx all for the info & opinions, much appreciated.


    Jon Dahl
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    Maybe Mr. Happy Monkey would be interested in building a split on the roundtail Winterstick/Dupraz board style?? I am interested myself in doing that, and may contact him about it.

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    @jon Dahl wrote:

    Maybe Mr. Happy Monkey would be interested in building a split on the roundtail Winterstick/Dupraz board style?? I am interested myself in doing that, and may contact him about it.

    I rode with the Head Monkey two weeks ago while he was testing his first sandwich construction prototype (which looked VERY good). He said he’d need to test that for about a year before comfortable with release to market. At that point, he could start putting out splits. However, he did say he was interested in splits and was going to start the prelim steps to that end.

    Asking him to make one for me was the first thing I did but looks like that’ll be a couple years down the line. I’ve been very pleased with my custom Happy Monkey all mountain board for hardbootin’ shown below on a sunny day with the grommets.



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