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    Has anyone had the brass (or whatever metal) bushings on the touring brackets fall out? This is the bushing on the toe piece touring brackets mounted to the board that the pins on the binding slide into. All four bushing fell out on my bindings after 2 seasons, and the bindings flop around when in touring mode since then. A quick email to Spark RD found that they wouldn’t offer anything unless I claimed it was a warranty issue.

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    Yes, I’ve experienced this on two sets of touring brackets and in both cases Spark sent me new touring brackets as warranty replacements.

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    If you’ve been touring w/ out bushings, time for new brackets.

    Spark’s customer service has been outstanding since the beginning.

    As the bushing wears, it deforms and eventually falls out. I carry extra bushings, easy to press in. Thank you Spark’s!

    I tour @ 230lbs – 330lbs+, bushings last me roughly 70 days. I replace sets, once/twice a season.

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    Where do you purchase new bushings?

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    @Dick if you use pin mount bindings (Burner, Blaze) Spark R&D sell seperately bushing replacement kit (check their website). Don’t know if they fit in Tesla/Tesla T1 system, as in this type of bindings the bushings refer to brackets and not the binding… probably you have to buy new brackets (have the same problem with Magneto, an old Spark model that has Tesla system). Any help from someone who knows?

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    Thanks for the info, the brackets in question are current era tesla/t1 touring brackets (whatever the new bindings come with is the same as I am asking about). On the website, it looks like there is only an option for buying just bushing for the older style brackets and for current brackets you have to buy all mew brackets (expensive!).

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