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    Has anyone seen Burton’s Split bindings from ISPO this week? They look exactly the same as the new Spark Tesla system. I know Burton supply all the rachets etc but have they brought out Spark? Or done a deal with them? Got the FamilyTree logo plastered all over them.
    Some great looking kit coming out. Except the 3 section split from Salamon. What’s that all about!

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    This deserves to be in the 14-15 gear thread. Is it just a rebranded Spark? Will there be a Burton Edison or did Jake have his hand in shelving the Edison? Purely speculation, but this news smells similar to my bathroom at seven am….Hawaiian Breeze mahalo

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    Also interested to hear more on this. From the news I cannot see any changes to Spark?

    Why would the B hate on the edison system. A big dissapointment that it got discontinued.

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    Burton apparently done a colab with Spark next season and also with Voile with a new interface for the channel system. Looks good and can’t wait to try next season.
    Here’s a vid of DD explaining-

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    To bad their boards are so tiny..

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    @Zude wrote:

    To bad their boards are so tiny..

    I know. A wide Landlord with The Channel(s) and Sparks. . . If only!

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    Agreed. The puny widths are the main thing keeping me off them. :thumbsdown:

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