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    Burton. You either love ’em or hate ’em. Count me in the former group.

    A couple weeks ago I called them up about a broken lace lock for the inner cuff on my ’06 Driver X boots. The guy was really helpful, and couldn’t find any lace locks for my ’06 models, but managed to find some others that would work. After that was done I casually mentioned that one of the soles was delaminating, and was there anything they could do about that. I assumed not, since the boots were out of warranty (2 full seasons riding on them). But the guy was really cool about it and said to send them in, and at most there would be a small repair charge.

    So I get home last night, and find a BRAND NEW PAIR of ’07 Driver X’s on the doorstep!! 😯

    That’s what I call service! That may or may not be typical, but in the past I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Burton service. A couple things that may have helped:

    1) I was extra nice to the guy on the phone. This always seems to go a long way in getting folks to help you. Might be tough when you’re fuming about something, but it really helps. Those guys are probably dealing with fuming customers all day, so when a nice one comes along they’re more than willing to provide a little extra help.

    2) I enclosed a letter explaining how much I like the boots (and the other Burton gear I have, like the split), and how I use them in the backcountry. I also included a picture of me on the summit of Shasta with the Babes In The Backcountry, proudly displaying the Driver X’s (not to mention the 12 year old Universe pants!). I’m sure they were impressed to see their product being put to such good use! 🙂

    P.S. bcrider you’re right about the better inner cuff design on the ’07 models! It’s WAY easier to get the liner in and out now. Woohoo!

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