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    Earlier this season I finished my second DIY split with inside edges. I’ve posted quite a detailed write up on my blog here:

    Basically these were the interesting parts:

    Cut with waterjet, so no problems with Burton’s ICS channel
    I put in inside edges
    I mounted the hardware with Puderluder/quiversilver ski binding insert which makes for a super clean finish and less work than t-nuts (time will tell if they’re up to the job)
    Used Markus’s (aka burton) hooks and pucks/POM sliderplates (due to Voile availability at the time and I think his work rocks).

    Really pleased with the outcome. Pictures on my blog and will post some more of the completed board when I get a chance. Will also update this post on riding and durability, especially as it regards the quiverkiller binding inserts. So far have no complaints this season, but haven’t managed to get out as often as I’d hoped.

    Thanks to the following folk who helped me out in some way:

    burton for some advice and his custom parts
    Neil and all the people at GU Cutting and Grinding Services for their great service, their interest and their advice
    Monk151 for his inspiring quality board and some friendly advice

    If you’re interested in my previous DIY with edges, the right up is here:

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    Good job on this, looks amazing!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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