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    my .02 cents…..i got these when i bought my splitboard. i was looking for lightweight soft boots to work with my traditional bindings. i went into several shops and looked online but found the best deal at wave rave in mammoth town around the beginning of april when they were on sale got them for about 150$, they were very lightweight (i forget the exact amount) but we threw em on a scale and they were quite lighter than anything else avail. as well as my old boots so i was sold. i was told they were very comfortable for long approaches and kept feet very dry.

    so here it is now june 1, they have been used well over 30 days now (lost track of how many times exactly). here is what i can say about these boots so far:
    1. they keep my feet very dry, and breathe very well. i had real probs with my last boots getting wet when snowshoeing in powder. using these with my split i have been very dry when going in any deep snow.
    they also breathe very well. i do lots of looooong approaches and get very sweaty feet. i change socks twice a day sometimes. the inner boot stays dry however. every overnight i took them on they kept the feet warm and dried out very quickly if they were wet at all.
    2. they are light, very light, yet provide good support.
    3. the soles do not wear well. i guess the long approaches without snow degrade the soles very quickly. they have a rubber pad on the sole which has started coming off. can be fixed with goo but the sole around the rubber pads has also worn pretty badly. these being not that old i am going to see if wave rave or butron will do anything about it. i can say these boot have already seen a LOT of action and although they dont meet my wearing pattern standards (at least a season!) they may be fine for most. just dont be hiking long trails in them to get to the snow.
    4. the lacing system seems to work fine, no complaints there. nothing has broken despite heavy use.

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