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    Picked up a pair of new 11/12 Burner LTs and have an issue.

    The binders are super hard to slide on and off the pucks – haven’t change the stance on my board and the fuses were fine? Also, even just sliding onto the first puck is difficult which seems to indicate it’s not an alignment issue. They do go on and off, but it’s really a struggle and seems like it will be a pain in the bc.

    Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and, if so, how they resolved it. I seem to remember a post a while back about sanding pucks…seems like a really bad idea to me.



    A little sanding of the pucks can help. You might also try to shim the pucks with a thin plastic washer if the Burners are rubbing on the topsheet. I am sure they will break-in and get easier with use. But watch your knuckles when your pull them on and off, as you can bust up your hand forcing them.


    Make sure the channels the pucks fit into on the bindings are smooth. My Burners had machining burrs that made puck Parmesan in the beginning and sliding them was a pain. A few seconds with a Dremel using a buffing brush solved that.


    i’ll check the channels – sanding is going to be my last resort. thanks for both tips…


    Tight is good, before getting to crazy try putting some tri-flow on the binding channel, usually slides on with some lube.


    I just got a brand new set of Burner LT’s today and had the same issue pretty much.

    One of them won’t slide over the pucks cause it seems like the track is too narrow. I literally had to hammer it over the pucks and still couldn’t get it on all the way yet I could take the other binding and slide it over no problem.I tried with some oil and that didn’t help at all.

    I suppose I could shave the pucks down to fit that binding but I’d rather not in case I ever want to sell the bindings or pucks separately of each other. I’d rather have a system that just works as it is supposed to.

    I get that they might be a little snug right out of the box but the difference between the 2 bindings is ridiculous. No way I would want to deal with this in the back country.Even getting the hard binding on over one of the pucks is almost impossible to get off without popping a blood vessel or hammering the heck out of it. I wouldn’t want to strip my inserts in the process either.

    I’ll call the place in Oregon where I ordered them from tomorrow in hopes they can help me out.

    There goes another 2 weeks of riding playing the waiting game. 🙁


    In the end I did a little sanding and used tri flow. Once dialed these binders are amazing. I only have a couple of days on them but I am impressed (and I liked my old fuses too but these ride noticeably better). Agee the tightness seemed a bit much but overall psyched.


    Same deal here with my 2013 burner LT. They wont slide on at all, machining burrs everywhere which are made worse by the anodizing. If you read this spark try putting them in a tumbler before anodizing to remove all the burrs on the machined edges.

    H.R. Flufnstuf

    BTW, what tool/object do y’all keep in your pack to scrape frozen snow off the metal Burner baseplates? TIA, /threadjack


    Just wanted to add that Will from Spark was cool enough to contact me before I even had a chance to call them today and he is sending me out a new replacement baseplate.

    If that’s not some badass customer support, then I don’t know what is.

    Super stoked to get and and rip knowing that there is a cool company that stands behind their products like Spark does.

    Thanks Will!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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