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    Hey there, I have a lot of time on my hands this winter so I’ve been thinking about converting an old board of mine into a noboard. I was wondering if any one had any experience doing this, maybe some tips to help point me in the right direction?


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    I did this a few years back with an old sims board. Draw a shape, cut a nice swallow, and glue some car mats or something onto the deck. I put a piece of cord on the nose, but after learning to ride the snurf you dont even need the string to make turns!

    Oct 20th 2007- 1st time out on the sims “snurf”

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    Sweet! That looks awesome! What kind of length did you cut it too?

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    I bought a no board pad with $ i had in credit at a shop took it in the rental shop where I work the next day the boys call me the next day and say come check out our noboard
    took a fat rental deck and put a dozen or so stomp pads on it with some webbing for a rope it seems to ride all the same.

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    almost anything will work, even a k2 fatbob. just got back from catboarding with it and it worked unreal. seems like short and wide is the way to go. just make sure to attach it to your boot with some sort of leash.

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