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    Hey Gang,

    I was thinking of doing a trip up to the Chic Chocs in February-March. I was looking into doing it with Vertigo Adventures (I read a few really positive reviews on other forums about them).

    The thing is with them it’s a bit more affordable the larger the group, so I figured I’d open it up and see if there were fellow splitters interested in joining.

    Also, for folks who have been, do you have any other recommendations?

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    I went last year with V-A haven’t yet but there are self access huts and such up there. You don’t have to go the guided root, it’ll save you even more cash.

    None-the-less I’m in. +1




    Chef Ben,

    If we get enough people who have been before I am definitely down to do with out the guides. I’ve never been so I figured for my first time I would spend the money on guides.

    Also, I’ve seen your name pop up on a number of different forums about Vermont, any interested in doing some riding in the Smuggs/Mansfield region?


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    I’m interested. Are you thinking of the auto-guided or guided? Any idea what auto-guided means? :scratch:

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    -1 my wife and i are expecting our 1st in June, no extra cash this season.

    This February 23rd through the 28th I’m renting the cabin on the top of Doublehead Ski trail in Jackson. its got 8 bunks and sweet communal space and a wood stove. Anyone that sees this post is welcome to come any day.

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    You’ve peaked my interest chef. Whats the surrounding riding like? Are you wearing beacons in that area?



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