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    What brand of soft snowboarding boots do you guys ride with

    i’m looking for something that is more breathable

    the boots i have atm are boot juice machines

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    I don’t think its the breathability per say.

    Do your boots have a lot of seams? You might be getting in moisture that way. What socks do you wear? Don’t wear too thick. What liners are in the boots? Etc.

    You’ll never be bone dry but you can cut down on the juice.

    ps. I use Burton boots and my feet are super comfy. They do get wet though after a long day. Sometimes changing socks half way through the day helps if it gets really bad.

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    Just seems that the inner boot retains alot of moisteur even between riding events after i leave them out to dry etc

    therefore inner sole and socks get saturated very quickly

    i was hoping there was a specific brand/model that made a more breathable soft boot

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    Thirty Two makes a new boot called the Ultralight which they tout as the lightest snowboard boot ever made. It’s spec’ed with their Level 5 Liner that supposenly does not absorb moisture and dry’s quicker. This boot might be the answer to your juice problems, that and a good pair of socks.

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    i guess i should add we don’t get the flufy dry snow you northerns get

    so everything is pretty wet & solid at snow level

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    @Yoda wrote:

    Thirty Two makes a new boot called the Ultralight which they tout as the lightest snowboard boot ever made.

    It hilarious that they tout its the lightest boot ever made yet they fail to list the weight! 😆

    Typical mainstream snowboard marketing bullshit. 😀

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    When I switched to Driver X’s, I noticed that my feet were getting a lot more wet. I finally switched from polyester to SmartWool socks, and it has made a huge difference.

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    @bcrider wrote:

    Typical mainstream snowboard marketing bullshit. 😀

    Tell me about it. Their site calls the “Lashed” the one boot to dominate the whole mtn etc etc. Why is that? Why make any other boots then?

    I have to say Burton and many many other companies are no better. It really makes buying stuff a crap shoot unless you can demo everything that you’re looking at. Instead of the same old tired bro’ speak, why not take the time to really explain the usefulness of features and contrast them with other things in the line. That would be so helpful even if only to distinguish between products from one manufacturer.

    Snowboarding isn’t only a kids’ sport and there’s a heck of lot more to it than image. Market to me like the educated adult that I am. Bro. 🙄

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    Smartwool rocks!!

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    I’m trying to figure out if I can get smartwool to sponsor me. 🙂 Does it help that I wear expedition hiking socks year round, nearly every day?


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    I have checked out those ThirtyTwo boots. They are freakin’ ridiculously light. The probably are the lightest boots. I gotta say that I wonder how warm they would be on those super frigid days.

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    It is annoying that so many snoboreding manufactures don’t list weights. If I remember correctly the BC Mag snowboard review only listed a few weights as well (even though they seemed to list all the ski weights).

    I bet those 32 Ultralights are amazingly light, but they are only middle of the road stiffness. Bet they’d be great for SF’s rando racing. The 32 Forecast is stiff and a pretty light boot.

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