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    Just thought I’d post a poll on what our readers are using…

    I’m using Clicker HBs (step-ins).

    edit to add: Please note this poll does not represent the intire splitboard market…just the readers here.

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    salomon malamutes. have done 10k approach hikes in them no problem.

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    I voted for step-ins, and I mean SOFT step-ins. (Burton SI … yes, it works. 😉 )

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    Nitro Team boots I believe. It’s sad, I just bought them at the end of last season and I already forget what model they are. Soft boots for sure, and dang comfortable for long hikes.

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    Soft boots and straps.

    Has anyone used Switch boots and bindings? I’ve got an old pair I might bust out. They seem heavy though.

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    I used to have a set of switch. Loved them. But that was when the plate was flat and all the support was in the boot. I liked them because there wasnt much support in the boot. Like the old days . Skating in your vans

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    I used to have a set of switch. Loved them. But that was when the plate was flat and all the support was in the boot. I liked them because there wasnt much support in the boot. Like the old days . Skating in your vans But I dont know how the small rods on each side that stick out will work in the BC

    Jon Dahl
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    Raichle SB123 hardboots, modded by myself, stepin heels, vibram soles in the front, cut down cuffs. Afraid they may be my favorite boots now for everything, except the race stick!

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    I know where my AT boots fit in this poll, but what about my tele boots with the cut duckbill?

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    Burton Ions. They’re nice except that they aren’t built to last, and both pairs I’ve had developed a major pressure point around the achilles ( Before that I had an old pair of leather Burton Freestyle boots that I used and repaired for several seasons. Someday I’ll try some hard boots for the hell of it. Maybe I’ll buy fassnor’s FFYB’s.

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    Salomon Malamutes – softies

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    Northwave – Kevin Jones
    K2 – Clicker Firebirds w/ highback on the binding not the boot.

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    Very used Malamutes….

    Getting ready to play with carving up some Raichle 123’s to play with hardboots a little this season…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Greg, if your mods invlve removing a buckle and strap, let me know. I’m actualy in the process of trying to add some straps to a set of boots…

    Jon Dahl
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    Hey Eric, let me know what you need, I may be able to provide some straps off of a set of shells I’ve got laying around. Jon

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    Eric, I’ve got lots of Raichle Hardboot buckles/straps if you need something.

    Greg, do you have a set of plates? I’d be happy to lend you some goodies. Bomber splitboard plates or F2 Toe/Heel pieces that mount directly to the sliders (very light setup).

    Looks like I missed a rather lively Hard/Soft debate. Gonna have to stop by more often. 😈

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    Eric, just PM’d you with the details Jon Dahl sent me… Just hadn’t gotten around to actually making the changes yet…


    Might take you up on that. I have a heavy old set of Cateks I was going to try to get to work with my Voile slider plates, but I do love the Bomber stuff. If it works out, I think my money would be gong that way. Fin makes some good stuff…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    I basically need everything save the lower foot section. I’m experimenting with two pair ofAT boots I have (Denalis and SBH’s fro back in the day). I’m actually going the other way then most of you folks, looking to add a rear spoiler, about an inch or two in the tounge and another buckle ber boot. If folks have parts they are looking to donate to a good home (albeit a mad science home), I’m all ears. Parts I’m looking for are cuffs, softish tounges, long straps and retainers, buckles and all associated hardwear. Effectivly I’m going to try and either mate an AT lower to a X25 upper, or get as close as I can !! 😈

    Shoot me PMs so we can work out the details! Oh, and Jon, I’m ORCarve Eric relocated. Hows it going in the PNW?

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    Anyone tried Northwave CP3’s(softies)? They were recommended to me but haven’t seen anything on here yet.

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    I love this topic! For the last 2.5 seasons I have been using the dynafit MLT’s. Lately though I have been thinking of going back to a soft boot for everything but mtneering style riding. I alway look at the sierra tr’s with envy. Such sick lines in a soft boot set up just don’t seem as feasible out here in the desert. By the time lines like that are safe, crampons and ice ax are almost a must and putting up a boot just don’t seem as fun in soft boots. What your thoughts on how snowpack conditions play a role in boot selection. Don’t get me wrong there are many mellow safe pow runs to be had, I’m talking sick, technical lines deep in the back.

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