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    2015 K2 Compass, size 11, 3lbs and 6.5 ozs, ~1555g. Let it snow.

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    The snow riding on top of my splitboard skis as I break trail: 2500gms

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    Dynafit TLT6 boot size 28 with CL liner including Salomon Quick Laces: 1110 gms per boot

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    Anyone know the weight on the Spark XV and Summit? Trying to get a comparison between them and the Fitwell Backcountry

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    Scarpa Alien, mondo 30 stock boot, no mods – 1050 grams per boot


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    If you ever wondered, what I think is supposed to be the lightest Yonex step in boot, the Aerio AB, is 3lbs 4 oz per 27.0 boot, added to sheet.

    Seems like well made boot, very stiff sole, flex seems good for bc riding, for my wife /oldest daughter so I can’t try on and say much. Pretty easy to get on sale from Rakuten (Japanese ebay) using an intermediary ( for 10% charge. Just over $100 to ship boots and two sets of bindings in a big box almost 2′ square.

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    How about the thirty two Lashed?

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