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    Hey Colin and BC Rider!

    What if you guys broke the boot forum into 2 categories? One for softboot wankers, and one for hardboot kooks?

    There’s a lot going on in the world of splitboard specific boots, and I think its time this forum was rebooted with some new energy!

    What does everybody think?

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    Hey @russman , not a bad idea. Do you think we will miss out on the hardy vs softy debate though?

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    Hey Colin,

    I don’t think that will be an issue. There are already so many threads on here that discuss the differences between hard boots and soft boots. I feel that the “hard v. soft” discussion is more of a thread by thread topic, not a general forum topic. Although many on use hard boots, the vast majority of splitboarders out there still use soft boots. I’ve heard feedback from customers that its hard to find info on about new soft boot developments because most of the discussions are on hard boots.

    I just think that separating the two categories would be of benefit. People who hybrid back and fourth could still find all the info they need on current hard boot technologies, and vice versa.


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    split them up

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