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    hey its bin a wicket season up here, n looks from all yalls trs that the goodz bin gettin all round, awesome! pow ta tha peeps!! yeh la nina!!!

    i’ll start this with tha main course, dessert after…

    Bonney is one of the biggies in the park here

    and the hanging glacier is one of the biggies on Bonney

    every time i look at it i wonder, what its like up there, whats the pickle factor lookin down from on top? how big is the cornice rilly, can ya huckit or is it too committing? or unsafe to hit it when the snow is that soft?

    we hit that glacier run a couple years ago (i think that tr went awol on here) but we took so long to get up that we ended up shreddin in the dark so i couldnt see the exposure, just the world 2 – 40m ahead in the lite of my headlamp, didnt even think bout jumpin into the abyss, just pulled out the cord n rapped in.

    so i kept wonderin… an then i wondered bout the rib on the skiers left, gad thats gotta be sumthin standin on the nose and thinkin bout droppin in on that!!!

    weather windows have bin in short supply this season, cracks in the shutters is about all we’ve got, its tuff to find time to let the fresh settle but last week we figured things were lookin pretty good

    Shredder Rob n Nearls were out for some pow shreddin, an Chancy was probly wondering if he should ditch me n join them

    we sussed out the ridge towards Parsons Pk and chose a weakness to skin / boot / dig thru, left of the prominent rock finger

    when we got up that the crack was closing… some high / mid level clouds had come in… the lite got pretty flat, tuff to see much… 🙄
    still wonderin what it looks like from up there…
    rapped in, shredded… pics arent worth much but it was marginally better than doing it in pitch dark

    exited the face skiers left instead of the guts of the glacier, and didnt almost see gad in a deeeep slot on the glacier below. Safety 3rd!!

    alirte nice work if ya made it this far, nuff chest thumpin (no thumper smiley??…. :bananas: :bananas: :bananas: close nuff), heres sum candy fer dessert, peepin thru the cracks… in the shutters i mean

    Peas out!!

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    Thanks Mark. Always great to see what you are gettin. I think I know which track is yours in the last pic…
    Someday you’ll drop Bonney’s hangin glacier in bluebird conditions!

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    Nice work. That glacier looks just a little bit scary to ride…but it’s always feels good to survive something like that.

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    karakis always brings the gnar!

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    Hey Karkis,

    Nice TR. Wish I was there this season.

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    Nice work guys! The photos don’t do justice to how gnarly that thing looked from up close.

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