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    I’ve been snowboarding for 6 years on my Burton Canyon 168, before that rentals for 4 years….Its been a good board, and my only one. The Canyon finally died, the whole edge ripped out, and I need a new board before i go ride tahoe next week.

    I’m going to buy a venture zephyr, but they only make a 166 or a 171 in the wide, which is 28 cm wide. Should I go 3 cm longer with the 171, or 2 cm shorter with the 166?

    I’m 6’5″, 190 lbs. and size 14 foot. Def light for my height. I’m a transplant from the EC to Colorado, I freeride…trees and powder, not heading back east anytime soon either, and no more park for me.

    I’m a bit worried that on the deep days I’ll sink on the 166, but that the 171 with a 28 cm waist won’t turn.

    Which size?

    P.S: If anyone want to suggest another snowboarding forum I can ask future gaper questions on that’d be great. I hate to clutter a splitboard forum with this stuff, but I can’t find another snowboard forum that knows what freeride means. :p

    Thanks guys.

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    The answer is simple………………get both! 🙂

    Easier said than done I know. If its any help, I’m 5’7” and the biggest board I ride is a 166, the shortest is a 161.

    Good luck and don’t worry about asking questions. We’re all gapers too. 😀

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    NameTaken, 6’5″ 190# size 14’s? I would think that you would need the larger version. I’m 5’10” 210# size 10’s. I have not always been that heavy, but I have always ridden a stiffer flexing board from 162 up to 174cm. I cannot foresee anyone with your foot size really having a hard time getting from edge to edge on a board with a 28cm waist. That is just about 2cm wider than my average waist width and your feet would just hang terribly over my board edges.

    This is all off if you ride wicked steep angles, but if you are on shallow angles go wide, go big and ride.

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    Doesn’t the length of the board have to do mostly/only with weight?

    What are the drawbacks of going too big on board size? I do ski some moderately steep stuff, Since I’ve been in CO, I’ve been to the 5 mountains, and mary jane, and always ride to the steepest stuff easily, though I wasn’t hiking past the lift served to get to the really gnarly stuff, and have done BC only once so far. Thats next on the list . 🙂

    The tight trees are what worry me a bit with the 171, but I guess skiing a 168 on the EC should have prepared me for that well enough.

    EDIT: Sounds like the 171 is what I want. Should be fun bombing down on a beast like that.

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    i probably should stay out of this because i weigh so much less than you…..but……if you only have one board (why?) a 171 seems pretty big for something you need to ride in all conditions. with that said, one of my splits is a 171 😉 my resort boards are a 154 and a 159-wide though.

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    Personal preference really must weigh in too. If you are a high flying, rotating, park enthusiast you may want a different board (shorter, softer) than someone bombing open bowls. Since you mention trees, ridign in the glades may well drive you to a smaller board, but your 168 Cascade will not ride much different than a wide 171 and it will give you a bit more float. If you only want one board to do everything, maybe a shoe sized appropriate board in the 165 to 168 range would suit your needs and not go so “long” as the 171. I have ridden with many who ride boards longer than 171’s. I’m much shorter and heavier than you. I have a stiff burton johan 162 up through a pretty soft flexing burton supermodel 174 with a lot of solid and split stops in between.

    Any way to demo them? That could put your mind at ease. Regardless, what ever you settle on will be what you ride and your riding should adjust and advance accordingly.

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    No chance to demo, I need the board in 7 days.

    I think my height will give me enough control over the 171, but the 166 is probably better for trees.

    I think I’ll see which size has the topsheet I want and decide that way. :p

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    go big dude.

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    Big guys don’t belong on small boards. Small boards are only good for smaller guys that wanna jib. 66 is good. 71 is a great,deep powder board.

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    I’m 5’10, ~180 +-5lbs these days… Size 9.5.. My little fun board is a 164, my regular everyday board was a Ride Timeless 168, just now replaced with a 169 Flow Solitude WX (sweet ride, 26cm waist) My pow board is an OSIN 178 ST (wish it were bigger)… Splits: BC soft snow/pow is a older Prior 172 ST, and regular BC board is an old Voile 166…

    If you are athletic at all, you’ll do just fine with the 171. Sure, in some conditions it may take a bit more work moving it around in heavy snow in tight places, but… Have you ever lined up a 166 next to a 171? Tiny difference.. Size 14 boot should still give you plenty of leverage over the edges at 28cm…

    But that’s just me… I like’m big… Would rather have high speed stability, extra float, and a lot of edge to carve with for a little extra work…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Im 6’5 190lbs and I ride a 170 NS legacy and 172 T5 for what its worth. I dont think a guy your size would have any problem with a 171, but a 166 might not be as good in deeper powder. Also, with a 270mm waist my Legacy is almost perfect for a size 13 boot, so I dont think the 280mm waist will be too wide, but it will take some getting used to.

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    Board sizing is very personal. The only real factor physic-wise is width-foot size. With 14’s, you should be able to lever a 28 fine in the softer stuff. I ride boards that range from a 158, to a 192 Rad-Air Tanker. I am 5’7″/160ish with a mondo 26.5 foot(9ish). The Tanker is great for me because the waist is 24.2, so I can ride it with steep angles like a race board, or float deep pow. For me, length only comes into play in tight places, or moguls(yes, I ride ’em, too). Besides, 3cm isn’t much, just do it. You will love it for pow, and at your size, you should be able to do some tree riding, too.

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