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    Hi men

    I want to buy this summer a new boad to cut, my split works fine but i want to have a smaller and stiffer board for hard pack.

    But I dont know wich board provide good result after cutting, wich must be its flex?

    i’m thinking about a stiffer board cos i supouse it will increase its flex after cutting.

    Here is some interesting boards at good price this summer
    – elan moment
    – arbor element
    – burton code
    – k2 illusion

    wich one would you choose?

    thanks in advance

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    another options

    -k2 Instinct
    -k2 Disciple (stiffer)

    which one would you cut?

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    I have an arbor element (not spilted), and I’d rate it medium flex. It’s good all around board but I wouldn’t call it stiff. It’s hard to figure out what do you mean “stiff” because everybody have a different standard.

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    Tip-to-tail wood is good for flex
    A thicker core at the waist will be more durable for skinning

    I broke the plastic tail of an Avalanche TB DIY split & cracked the thin core of a Palmer Big Light (same as Burn SE) also DIY split

    I’ve seen both K2 & Burton board split with good success, but I don’t know about the models you mentioned, or Elan.

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    yes board flexibility is subjetive.
    i just want to cut a board stiff enough than it wont suffer delamination during skining.

    i think K2 can be a good option


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    here my recommandations:

    – arbor a-frame (but I wouldn’t ever split an arbor … they are too sweet 😉 )
    – f2 eliminator ltd.

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    I’d go with an Illuminati outta Jackson Hole- great customer service, KILLER BOARDS, and they’re 30% off right now I think. Man, the cap/sandwich sidewalls on the hybricon make a hella bomber board with awesome carving abilities, great flex, and torsional stiffness. Has a harder tail, softer nose, up to a 168 in length. I’ve owned two of their boards and I can’t think of going back to another company. It handles the crud and ice just as well as the powder. You will see….

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